Details about where in the "Zombie Farm" to dig soap

Today we will talk about where to dig soap in the Zombie Farm. This is a popular browser game, which every day is gaining popularity among users of social networks.


where in the zombie farm to dig soap
The question of where to dig soap in the Zombie Farm,interests a lot of people who participated in this project. This problem arose in 2012, when the game was a massive update. After that, new recipes, buildings and other elements were added. At the same time, each material requires a material called soap.


We pass directly to the question, where in "Zombiesfarm »to dig soap. So, first of all you should search under the following decorative elements: garden arch, red and coniferous tree, sakura, garden tower. In these places, the highest probability of loss is observed.

Tasks and meaning

zombie farm where to dig soap with chopsticks
Today we are talking about where in the "Zombie Farm"dig a soap, but you should know that you can get this element through the "Backpack" and "Marathon 19" missions. It is important to know that the amount of the ingredient that is given in the case of a successful task is very small. Therefore, excavation remains a priority option for solving the problem. As for the meaning of soap in the game, it is, above all, necessary for the construction of the following structures: House of Knowledge, Flying Ship, Japanese Garden, Flag of Italy and some others. If you need to create a "Cinema", you can not do without the element you are looking for. Without it, you will not be able to complete the tasks "Marathon 6" and "41", as well as "Gratitude". We have already mentioned that with soap it is possible to build a Japanese garden, but this design deserves to say a few more words about it. The price of this building is 100,000 coins. In doing so, it allows you to create threads and gunpowder in the game "Zombie Farm". Where to dig soap sticks with help, we now know.

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