Quick links in "Yandex": how to do? What will give quick links?

As Bill Gates said: "If your business is not on the Internet, then you are not in business." Opening the shop or the center of sale of services, the businessman today starts simultaneously and a site. But in order to do this, you will need to go through a difficult path of advancement. For this, SEO is often used.


What is SEO? This is search engine optimization, which is represented by a variety of methods that help the web resource to rise to the top of the search results. Now the main search engines are Google and Yandex. How to make quick links for the first and second options, we will consider further.

quick links yandex how to do


To understand what fast links are, you need toconsider snippet. One more question arises: what is a snippet? This is a block of data about the document found. It can be found in search results as well as in programming files. But we will consider the first option, since it is the search engines that are of interest to us at this stage.

So, you enter the query in the search box. Before you there is a top-10 sites that fall under the keyword. Each site in the SERP consists of a block - this is the snippet.

The usual snippet consists of a page title,links and a small "announcement." Thanks to him you can understand whether you should go to this site and whether there is the information you need. There are extended snippets, they provide more information. So, if you enter "Yandex" in the search box, then, in addition to the usual snippet, you can notice additional blocks in two rows. These are quick links to popular website pages.

quick links yandex direct


So, quick links are additional links,which lead to popular pages on the web resource. Sometimes for people from different regions there can appear their own links. If you enter the name of an online store that works all over the country, one of the quick links may be the name of your region. This is done so that when you go, the availability of goods for a certain city is displayed.


At once it is necessary to notice, that examples of fast links"Yandex" and Google are slightly different. Most often, "Google" forms them in two columns under the snippet. So we get an extended block with additional elements. Yandex does a little differently. It starts quick links right under the block header. Unlike the "Google", it does not create a description of these additional sources.

For what?

Anyone who has ever encountered SEO, understands,that optimization is needed not just to satisfy the search robot, it is designed to make the user's work comfortable. Snippets, or quick links, are not the elements that greatly help to promote the site to the top, but they create a certain image for the resource.

Yandex service

So, to create a correct and high-quality announcement withthe first time will not work. Work on the snippet is an important part of the whole process of optimization and promotion. Of course, not all users know what fast links are. But those who know how to use them, are grateful to the resource that cares about them.

Quick links can greatly save yourtime, and especially traffic, if it is limited. Sometimes it's very difficult to get the right information from the site. This may be because you have a slow Internet connection, the resource is not optimized enough, and unsuccessful usability is developed. Anyway, a quick link will always help you get to the right page and give you an idea of ​​the resource and its structure.

What to do?

If you understand the main essence and importance of thistool, you can go to the solution of the main question. How to make quick links in "Yandex"? In general, there are several ways. But you need to understand that you can not appoint them yourself. You can only affect their formation.

The search engine itself regulates which quick links should get into the snippet. To ensure that the pages you need are more likely to hit the block, you need to follow certain rules.

 what are quick links

  • Do not forget about internal links. Do so that from the main page was the transition to the desired.
  • Competently form Title and H1. Do not litter it with superfluous words. It should be simple and understandable.
  • If it is a question of key pages, try to assign the name Title and H1 the same, and also give the same name to anchor references.
  • Work on the resource interface. The structure should be logical not only for the user, but also for the crawler.
  • If there are links that are decorated with a picture, do not forget to prescribe an alternative title for them. So you will show their purpose.


So, how to make quick links to "Yandex" for the "Delivery" page?

  • We assign the title and h1 tags the same name, for example, "Delivery". You can use the name of the company.
  • Specify the path to this page from the "Main". In this case, for the reference, assign the eponymous "Delivery" anchor.
  • In the menu, add this page with the same anchor.

This does not give you an absolute guarantee that a quick link to the key page will appear in the snippet, but it significantly improves the chances.


But in part you can still manage the fastlinks. To do this, you need a couple of services "Yandex": "Webmaster" and "Direct." Before we look at the work with the sources, we will find out what these tools are responsible for.

"Yandex.Webmaster "is a set of methods that allow you to track the indexing of a site and setting up its description.The tool points to the statistics of the resource.Unlike Yandex.Metrica, which analyzes user actions, this service monitors the activity of search robots and various program events on It checks the service files, the functioning of links, snippets, interfaces, and so on.

 how to add quick links

"Direct" is a service of "Yandex" for setting upcontextual advertising. When working with this tool, your site will be displayed on the pages of the search engine and in the resources that are included in the affiliate advertising network.

Working with services

Sometimes the system selects pages in fastlinks that do not suit you. Here may be service sections, or information about a company that is not interesting to visitors. To get rid of them, you need to go to "Yandex.Webmaster." Here you do not learn how to add quick links, but you can disable unwanted ones. To do this, go to "Site in search results" and click on "Quick links". Here you can deactivate the source you do not need, and it will not appear in the snippet.


If you are connected to an advertising service, thenyou can also work with quick links. "Yandex.Direct" makes it possible to add three additional sources to the announcement. The only thing, the funds are written off only for one transfer. The addition occurs during the setup of the advertising campaign. At the second step you will see the line "Additions".

quick links jandex example

Choose from the proposed options section"Quick links" and "Add". An additional window opens where you can add text and attach a link to it. You can not use all the quick links here. "Yandex.Direct" allows you to choose even one. Remember that their names should not be repeated and must be relevant to the information that is placed when navigating through them.


As practice shows, working with similarquestions - the prerogative of specialists. It is rarely used by ordinary users. But if you independently start your site and want to promote it, then such nuances you know useful. Of course, for sites that do not show up on the first page of search, it is hardly necessary to create extended snippets, additional links. Usually this option is suitable for online stores and resources, which have a complex structure.

This process is much more complicated in Yandex. How to make quick links in Google? With this issue, the problem occurs several times less. As practice shows, it is enough to make the necessary pages visited and place links to them on the key pages. So visitors will often go to it and it will appear in the list of quick links.

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