How to clear the history of nicknames in "Steam" and why do it

Many people are interested in the question of howto clear the history of nicknames in "Steam", because earlier a person could put shameful nicknames or simply ugly nicknames and now after a while does not want everyone to look into his / her profile and see the whole history of nicknames. So how do I do this?

how to clear the history of nicknames in "Steam"

History of nicknames: who can see

In fact, the most insulting is thatalmost every person can go and see the history of nicknames of any character, moreover a whole list, which consists of ten different nicknames that were previously used. However, you need to know how to clear the history of nicknames in "Steam", in order to remove it. To delete is for a variety of reasons, maybe a person put a shameful nickname, which contains obscene words or something in this character. Also, many Russian gamers are not taken seriously in English games, so if Russian nicks were used before, this can affect the attitude towards the player. Or the reasons can be personal, but in any case, clearing the history of nicknames in "Steam" is quite difficult.

how to clear the history of nicknames in "Steam" 2016

Deletion process

It is rather difficult to delete the history of nicknames. But in any case, consider and find out how to clear the history of nicknames in "Steam". There are several ways to do this. One of the best ways is spam nicknames. What does this mean? Yes, nothing special, if you just need to remove a nickname that you would not want someone to see, then you just need to add new nicknames and spam them. After inventing 10-15 any nicknames, you can replace the old ones, and no one else will be able to see them, except for the support of the game platform "Steam". On how to put a new nickname, we will understand a little lower. However, there are other, more functional ways, how to clear the history of nicknames in "Steam 2016". The meaning again is spam, but now no one will see new nicknames, and only the currently used nickname will be shown in history (which, unfortunately, can not be deleted). So how do you do this?

1. You need to go into your Steam profile and see how many nicknames there are, if there are about 7-8 of them, then you need to repeat the following actions exactly as many times, and if as many as 10, then repeat exactly ten times, no less.

2. You need to try and put a new nickname. In the required section, where you need to enter an alias, enter "{alt + 0173}" without quotes, and most importantly - "Num Numbers", those that are on the right of the keyboard. It is necessary to repeat this action exactly as many times as necessary, and then all old nicks will be replaced by an invisible field. Only the most important thing is to be careful when performing this action. It is necessary to enter without quotes and "Numbers in numbers", otherwise nothing will come of it. You can also copy just this invisible field "". The main thing is without quotes. In the middle of these two quotes is an invisible code, you need to copy and put in the nickname section. Remember, this is not a space, the code must be copied!

3. That's all, now the story is completely clean, you do not need to bother with all that.

clean up the history of nicknames in "Steam"

How to change the nickname in "Steam"

In order to change your nickname in the gamingplatform, you need to go into the chat where friends are displayed, and there is an avatar + user's nickname on the top, and next to the nickname is the down arrow. You need to click on this arrow and click on "change the alias", then in the required field enter your new alias and save it all. It is done quickly and very easily.

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