In detail about where to find in the GTA 5 tank

Today we will talk about where to find in GTA 5tank. This game is loved by many people from all over the world. Such recognition is deservedly due to the excellent study of the modern city. In addition, the player can arrange on the streets of lawlessness with the help of various techniques and weapons.

Fort Zankudo

where to find in GTA 5 tank
Before moving on to the question of whereyou can find a tank in GTA 5, it should be noted that the game contains a variety of military vehicles. Among them there are even fighter jets and helicopters. Therefore, knowledge of the whereabouts of military equipment is necessary for each player. Now we will tell in detail where to find the tank in GTA 5, and also we will not forget about the fighter. Military technology is focused on a special base called Fort Zankudo. This object is not listed on the map, so it will not be easy to find it.

Start search

where you can find a tank in GTA 5
So, in order to decide the question of wherefind in the GTA 5 tank, we need to get any equipment for flights. In this case, the fort can be found without special difficulties. The object we need is located near the mountain of Josiah and the Zankudo Bay, in the eastern direction.

This military base is the most protected placein the whole game world, to penetrate there, and even more so to steal a tank, is quite difficult. On the territory of the facility are: the Barracks truck, the Jeep Crusader, the Cargobob and Buzzard helicopters, the P996 Lazer (fighter), the Titan aircraft, and the Rhino tank, which we call the "rhinoceros". This is a lacoste piece for any of the players of GTA 5. In order to steal the technique, you can get to the object in two ways. We arrive by car, after which we just enter. In this case, the maximum number of police stars will be hanged on us at once. It is not worth laning here, we immediately sit down in the necessary equipment and leave the base. To navigate inside, we use the observation tower located on the object. There is also an alternative solution to the problem. We penetrate to the object from the air, jump out of the airplane with a parachute and land on the base. In this case, 5 police stars will be obtained.

At speed

where to find the tank in GTA 5
Now we know where to find a tank in GTA. However, after his theft, it is necessary to wait until the stars fall off, only after that you can put it in the hangar. A cargo helicopter can help out the technique. The plan is simple: we fly to the base, and after we cling to the tank and disappear with the new transport. It is necessary not to touch the ground with a helicopter, then we will be able to avoid five search stars. This is an excellent option for hijacking equipment with minimal time. Do not forget that on the observation tower there is a six-barrel machine gun, which can also greatly facilitate the life of the character.

So we figured out where to find in GTA 5tank, how to make it your own. This game can be considered one of the most anticipated, as its exit was postponed for a while. The project includes a huge open world. Now the game has three main characters, while you can switch between them almost at any time. At your service - 62 major missions, as well as a huge number of additional tasks. The game involves three different endings, based on your actions.

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