How to earn money in "Classmates" on "classes"? Improvise and be patient!

Due to intensive development and popularizationsocial networks, modern users have many opportunities to earn through simple manipulation on the Internet. Most often, these methods of earning do not even require an initial deposit, or it is a really ridiculous amount. "Odnoklassniki" is one of such sites that can help to accumulate starting capital for further serious Internet business. In this article we will consider this way of earning. How to earn money in "Classmates" on "classes"?

What are "classes"?

how to earn in classmates on classes

To begin with, it would be nice to understand that they are themselvespresent. If we draw an analogy with the equally popular social network "VKontakte", then the "I like" button performs the "classes" function. On the international video hosting of YouTube, this is the "Fingertip" button, on the Facebook network it's "Like". By clicking this button, users express their approval for any content, whether it's video, status, photo or note. For some users, a large number of "classes" is just a way to increase self-esteem, and some are skillfully making money on it.

How to earn "classes"?

Of course, here a lot will depend on what content you are going to promote in order to know exactly how to earn money in "Classmates" in "classes".

  • The best way to get "classes" is to have many virtual friends. This does not guarantee a constant attendance of the page, but significantly increases the chances of success.
  • You can create a newsletter among friends askingrate the video or photo. People agree more often than refuse, because it's hard for anyone to press a button. But at such "begging" the petitioner can complain, having designated its dispatch as a spam, that can lead to the subsequent suspension of activity on page.
  • There are also special communities for the exchange of "classes". " They operate the principle of "service for service", but the result will have to wait a long time.
    how to earn points in classmates
  • There are several not-too-working programs for cheating classes, but they are even more dangerous to use than sending mail. For example, this is OK OKNeo, KSPromotion.

But then how to earn in "Classmates" on"Classes", even if "classes" can not be dialed? It's simple, but, unfortunately, you have to pay for it. For a small amount of special promotional companies on the network will engage in the promotion of your profile and content. For example, Markapon, SMM-agency "Laika", Darvin Studio and others.

If you approach the matter wisely, you will not only return the money spent, but become an expert in how to earn "classes" in "Classmates", start to receive a steady income.

Improvise and be patient!

how to earn classes in classmates

Wholly successful, none of thethe above methods, most likely, will not bring, so they can and should be combined. Earned "classes" can be exchanged for the domestic currency of "Classmates" - oki, and they, in turn, - for real electronic money.

Before you earn points in Odnoklassniki,be patient and prepare yourself immediately for the idea that this is not quick money, but the result of a hard and painstaking work. You need to monitor progress on a daily basis and even make up a unique business plan, and then you can already tell novice users how to earn money in Classmates on "classes".

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