What does it mean in WhatsApp a tick, and what - two?

When working with the popular instant messenger "Votsap"many users wondered what it means in WhatsApp one tick and two tick? This function has been added by developers to track messages, and what each of these signals means is described in this article.

Where to check the tick?

what does it mean in a single check

Before you figure out what it means in WhatsAppone tick and that - two, it is worth learning about the place in which they can be seen. Signal "flags" of messages can be located in two places. If an active dialogue is opened, then each of the messages in the lower right corner will have a mark about its current status. If the "room" is opened with a set of conversations, then before the last message of each of the dialogues, the status corresponding to the last of the sent messages will be displayed.

One tick is good

Dealing with what it means in WhatsApp onetick, you can see a tendency that it almost always appears at once. The reason for this - the algorithm of the program, which this "flag" sets when the message is successfully sent. In other words, if there is one tick, then the message was sent, but not yet received by the device of the interlocutor.

However, this "flag" can also be observed in the case ofinterlocks on the part of the interlocutor. In this case, the user to whom the message was sent will not receive it, which means that in WhatsApp one tick will be lit until the lock is disabled.

... but two is better!

Once the user account with whicha dialogue is being made, a message will be downloaded, this check box will be changed. And it will be replaced by two gray checkmarks. To understand such a change, it is enough to draw an analogy with what one tick in WhatsApp means. The appearance of her "girlfriend" indicates that the application of the interlocutor has downloaded the message to the device, but has not yet been read. In this case, the recipient can find out the contents of the received message thanks to pop-up notifications, but not to answer for some reason. Show the message read by the interlocutor of the message will help all the same ticks.

Blue checkboxes

what do two dots mean in whatsapp

Over time, their color may change, causingThe question is, what do the two ticks in WhatsApp mean in blue? This change indicates the call of the interlocutor in the dialogue, where they received a message. However, when watching two blue check marks at the message, it is not necessary to be angry at the user who is on the other end. There is a possibility that he simply left the phone on with the current dialogue, because of what just did not see the new incoming message.

If the tick does not appear?

which means one tick in whatsapp

Knowing what it means in WhatsAppp is a tick and that -two, you can observe the situation when about a message none of them will be displayed. Why can this happen? This can occur when there is an unstable connection to the network or its absence, as well as in case of a long sending. In this case, the messenger server simply does not receive this message, because of what it can not confirm by displaying a checkmark with one tick. You need to check the presence of the network, restart the application, or check the Internet connection.

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