How to do a system restore in Windows 7

Very often, users of portable devices,equipped with a popular operating system from Microsoft, are faced with the fact that they have to do a restoration of the Windows 7 system on a laptop. This happens during various failures that may occur for one reason or another. These include the following: the presence of viruses on the computer, driver failure, software errors, and the like.

windows 7 system restore

Once you have found an unstable jobsystem or the inability to download it, do not immediately contact a professional or a service center. Now I'll tell you how to restore the system in Windows 7. You will be able to cope with these problems on your own.

The first thing to do is to roll back the systema couple of days ago, at a time when the work of your device was impeccable. This will give you the opportunity to restore the normal state of the computer. As you can see, you should not listen to those who advise you to disable Windows 7 system recovery. If you do this, you will not be able to roll back.

After that you will have to choose orrecommended restoration, or such a point for this, which corresponds to stable operation. Also allows you to perform Windows 7 system recovery using an access point that you create manually.

Windows 7 System Restore

At the same time you can be calm for your personalData, such as images, music, movies, etc. System rollback does not affect them. It will only remove drivers from programs that were recently installed on your computer. And even this process will be reversible, because you can always return your OS into the state in which you made a rollback, through the same recovery point.

In order to make recovery in Windows 7system, run the wizard that is responsible for it when you determine the recovery point. Your Windows system will then function as you did at the time you selected. And let the last system changes be lost, instead of this you will have a normal work of your machine.

disable system restore windows 7

Each laptop has a proprietary hidden partition onthe hard drive in which the system image is located with the settings assigned by the manufacturer. Using it, you can always get the system status corresponding to the day of the first device start. Just through a guide you will never see it. However, it can be easily done through the start menu, in which you need to open the control panel, there to start the administration, in which you need to go to computer management, and here you already have to select disk management.

To run in Windows 7restore the system while turning on the device, it is necessary to enter a certain key combination in the corresponding menu. At laptops of different firms this combination is unique. Further complicated nothing will be. And finally, one useful tip: if you have important information on your C drive, save it to another disk, since it will be deleted from the specified drive.

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