What to write "VKontakte" about yourself? Tips and Tricks

what to write "Vkontakte" about yourself
When filling out a page in a social network"VKontakte" may raise the question of what it is better to write. There are a lot of sections to be filled out for the new user. But not all need to contribute information right away. If you have any problems with one of them, you can postpone it for later. So, what to write "VKontakte" about yourself?

What is meant by this?

In the column under the talking title "About yourself" you need to specify information that concerns you. Write everything that you see fit. But remember:

  • To enumerate the hobbies in this point is not necessary;
  • the same applies to music, books and all that separate sections are allocated for;
  • try not to write too much, so that other users do not have an opinion that you have a delusive grandeur.

What to write "VKontakte" about yourself?

Let's imagine that you were asked to briefly talk about yourself. Here's what you

How to write the status of "Vkontakte"?
answer, and you need to write in this column. Except for all of the above. Write about what you are proud of yourself, what qualities you value. You can also insert excerpts from various literary works, if, of course, they are in place. You can write "VKontakte" about yourself in verse. When completing the "Interests" section, we recommend that you use the tips:

  • specify only what can really be called a "hobby", "hobby";
  • "I like wearing branded clothes" - this is not an interest, but "collecting", "cosmetology", "drawing" - yes;
  • in order to find fellow hobbies,try to fit your "interest" into capacious expressions and words, then they will be regarded as tags, and when you click on them you will be able to see all the users who indicated in this section the same thing as you.

If you do not know what to write "VKontakte" aboutyou can skip this section and fill in the others, and later return to it. This can be done from the main page using the "edit" link.

How do I write a status in VKontakte?

In a broad sense, all the statuses can be divided into three types:

  • smart expressions (citations of great people, own point of view);
  • real information about the user (for example, "I fell ill" or "my soul flies on the wings of love" and so on);
  • symbols (smiles, icons).

If you like to quote smart people, thenUse your status to write them down. You can take sayings from books, the Internet and even from the site "VKontakte". Also it is possible to write down in the status all that occurs to you. Share with friends

"Music" "Vkontakte". What to write?
information that you are leaving to rest and will bemiss everyone, or that your page has been hacked, and you apologize for spam, and so on. Important: Write only what really exists.

More tips

  • Filling in the "Music" section "VKontakte". What to write? Specify either specific groups or artists whose work you admire, or simply the style of music that you prefer. Do not limit yourself to one genre, you can specify a few.
  • Finally, we return to the question of what to write"VKontakte" about yourself, and make one clarification. Do not need to spread out 20 quotes, choose what you really close and consonant. Otherwise, other users will bypass your page and refuse to read so much "information" about you.
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