Review of the laptop Asus X54H

Notebook Asus X54H is able to please manyhomebody: impressive appearance, a very heavy body and a huge keyboard. But still 15 thousand rubles - quite a big price for a similar laptop.


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One of the main disadvantages of the Asus X54His the lack of a licensed OS. You need to buy your own for 2000 rubles (Windows 7). The laptop has an improved processor Intel Celeron B800. However, the changes in the processor did not lead to an improvement in performance - we should not expect anything supernatural from it. In all ratings it takes only average values. In addition, the B800 does not hold out not only to the rest of its series, but also to the cheap Pentium. Although he manages to outstrip AMD A4 / A6, which is enough to view various media files and work with office programs.

Video card

asus x54h reviews
The Asus X54H is not very powerfulAMD Radeon HD 6470M. Thanks to the Eyefinity technology, you can display a picture on 4 displays simultaneously, although there are only 2 video ports in the notebook itself. Due to the blocking of the integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics, the device has no joint graphics properties. It is noteworthy that AMD Radeon HD 6470M was much weaker than its brother 6370M. For example, the limit card - BattleField Bad Company 2 on the minimum settings, and then FPS sags to such a state that it is impossible to play in principle. Evaluations of Windows because of the video card were very average.


Taiwanese manufacturer is not the first yeardemonstrates low-grade material for cheap laptops, and the Asus X54H was no exception. Despite the dullness of the plastic, fingerprints remain permanently on the surface. The weight of the device is more than 2 kg. The case is covered with a small pattern, because of what the laptop looks though and strictly, but not boring. The cover of the Asus X54H is quite thick, which makes the device itself very difficult to damage. There are speakers from Altec Lansing, but the sound barely reaches the "below average" mark. There is also a 0.3 megapixel webcam and a microphone. Various indicators are located near the touchpad, and under the "ON" button the LED is not even placed. In this case, the Asus X54H is quite good input devices. For example, the keyboard is well placed on the entire surface of the laptop. In addition, it is equipped with a digital unit. As marketers say, a keyboard with large buttons will help to print much faster. In addition, it is aesthetically pleasing to press such keys that are equipped with sufficient rigidity and working stroke, as well as various colors of the Russian and Latin alphabet. But all these words are nullified by the following: the keyboard strongly bends in the right part and in the center. A huge plus is in the area of ​​the touchpad, because it is very large. There is a nice cover, and to control the cursor without jerks is very real. Pleases and sensitivity of the device - there is no difference, whether you press the whole pincushion of your finger or touch only the tip.


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Since the Asus X54H is in the category of cheaplaptops, then he will not have a good screen a priori. The display was created by LG Electronics, the main manufacturer of displays for various devices. This model has a very standard resolution - 1366 at 768 points, and the diagonal is 15.6 inches. As always, Asus does not want to use matte displays, which would solve a lot of problems (for example, glare in sunlight and stuff). In general, the notebook is very average in almost all specifications. He has a meager battery, and the operating time at a high performance was less than an hour and a half. It was created only for easy office work, listening to music and watching movies, but nothing more he can not do.

So we figured out the main features of AsusX54H. Reviews about it are very ambiguous. To the merits of users most often refer to the lack of problems with overheating and affordable price. Among the strengths, compatibility with Windows 10 is also often referred to.

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