Don "t Starve: console commands.

Recently, games are becoming more popular,especially those where you need to survive. Here's the game Don "t Starve - not an exception.The game has console commands for single mode, if the person is the administrator of the server, you can use them there and have fun with your friends.

How to activate the console

To call the console and use theDon "t Starve console commands, you just need to press the" ~ "key.Then the console opens, then you can enter the codes.This is done very quickly, there will be no problems.If you need to close the console, you must simultaneously press CTRL + L.

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Functions of console commands and commands

With the help of console commands you can easilyget almost any object from the game, summon some creature, become immortal and much more. To call and get different things, you first need to learn the ID of the object, and only then use the console commands in the Don "t starve.Thus, here are the commands:

  1. c_godmode - makes the player immortal. There will be no damage to the player, you can safely explore the terrain.
  2. c_give "ID" + "Number" is one of the most useful codes. In Don "t Starve console commands on things are very common, and it is through this you can get absolutely any thing.
  3. c_speed is a great team that can speed up or slow down the character. In order to pass through the walls and run on the water, you need to enter a number greater than 35. The standard speed of the player is 6.
  4. c_sethunger + "percent" will simplify the task to anyoneplayer, because when you enter the desired number, you can immediately become full and forget about hunger, or, conversely, hungry. You need this command to review various mods.
  5. GetSeasonManager + (time of year in English) - this command allows you to set the time of year, that is, winter, summer, autumn or spring. Fast and easy.

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Indeed, in Don "t Starve console commands will be extremely necessary for any player due to some bugs, or if you do not want to die, and enemies too much.

Who can use the commands and who does not?

On different servers, teams can usevery different people. For example, a server host, the same administrator, can use any of the above cheats at any time. Also, the host can prescribe any of these cheats for players, that is, make the character immortal, give him some thing and so on. Despite everything, this host can give the right to use these commands to any player, or turn the player into an administrator, so that he can also use the commands. You can do this through the server settings.

don t starve console commands

However, simple players (or as they are often called- guests) can not use console commands. More precisely, they can, but not all. For example, you can use the Help command or the teleport command, but often no guest can use commands like immortality, issuing an item, and so on. But do not forget that it all depends on the server, and even on the host itself. There are separate servers that are designed specifically for fun things, that is, there are those in which anyone can feel like an administrator, fly on a map, get endless things and so on. It all depends on the server's creator.

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