What is a public in VKontakte and how to create it?

What is a public on Vkontakte
In the social network "VKontakte" there is a hugenumber of groups and communities, as well as so-called public relations. Not all users know what it is and what is the difference between them. In this article, we will tell you more about what a public is in VKontakte and how it can be created.

General information

What is a public in VKontakte? This is a public page that has some characteristics of the group: people can join the community, view its news, comment on them. However, at the same time there is no possibility to create topics and communicate to participants among themselves. Active use of public goods for:

  • advertising company, products;
  • direct sales;
  • earnings on advertising;
  • entertainment;
  • attraction to external sites.

And more than once it was noted that publicpages are more popular than groups. Let's take a closer look at the above possibilities. So, if you have your own store (regular or online store), brand, company, then you simply have to start advertising in social. network, as this is a way to attract new customers and get the public to talk about you. You can also make a public profile on the Internet store, which will allow you to profit from the sale on the network (the use of the group for this purpose is also suitable).

Most often on the expanses of the network "VKontakte"

How to make public Vkontakte
there are pages of entertaining naturewith jokes, humor, anecdotes, jokes, funny pictures, banter and so on. Create this will not be difficult - you will need to recruit a large number of subscribers (at least 5,000 - 6,000 people), and then you can advertise third-party ads on your public page for money. An excellent advertisement for your site will be creating a community in the most popular network in Russia. You can announce a brief information from the site and post a link that will lead to your resource - increased attendance is guaranteed.

What is a public in VKontakte?

This is a real opportunity to earn, without leaving home, and increase the attendance of existing sites (if, of course, you have them). The best public relations "VKontakte" for today:

  • "MDK" is a public page with non-standard humor, sometimes reaching the point of absurdity, with more than 3,000,000 people;
  • "Corporation of Evil" - funny quotes, sarcasm (more than 4 million participants);
  • "You will not believe" - ​​a page that tells users about the most interesting and unexpected events (more than 4 500 000 participants).

How to make it?

About what is a public in VKontakte, we now know, it remains to find out how to do it.

The best public relations Vkontakte
Register it is absolutely not difficult. The most difficult will begin later, when the time comes for its promotion. How to make a public "VKontakte"?

  • We go to your page in social. network and select the "My groups" section.
  • In the upper right corner we find the link "Create community" and click on it.
  • Opens a window with options: create a group, a public page, an event.
  • We select item 2 and prescribe the name of the page (which we pretend first).
  • Specify the type of the page and proceed to filling out and settings. You can specify which sections will be present on the page, whether users can comment on entries and so on.

So, now you know what the public is in "VKontakte" and you can start creating it.

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