Sync your PC with Android in many ways

Unfortunately, Android devices do not have an application similar to iTunes, so synchronizing your PC with Android is quite problematic.

Android phones are pretty good for listening to music and using the calendar provided that you can download it all to your gadget.

Some gadgets have their own developedsolutions, but the basic equipment does not provide for any opportunities. For example, HTC Hero and Motorola Devour offer certain synchronization methods, but this is more an exception than the rule. But even though they give you the ability to connect to a PC, this function is very limited. Since Android OS is found in several versions and differs on different models of devices, below are tips and solutions that work for most of them.

sync pc with android

Getting Started

If you are just starting to use the phone,you will just need to set up your Google Gmail account. Do not neglect it. It may seem a little unreasonable that you should use a new email address just to use the phone, but believe me, it's easier than other ways. First of all, register your Gmail account and associate with it all you can. Synchronization of Android contacts with PC, calendar and some other functions is possible with the help of this service. All that is offered by Google - Maps, Buzz, YouTube and much more - all this is easy to connect with the Android interface, so using all these features with the same account in your phone will greatly simplify your life.

Sync your PC with Android: multimedia

In order to synchronize photos,music and video on your device, DoubleTwist is your best choice. This service imports iTunes playlists, and also automatically formats almost any kind of multimedia in the format you need for the phone. The application itself is a little imperfect, but it will completely help you to download audio and video files to your smartphone. However, remember that the video purchased in iTunes will not sync with the phone.

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Of course, you can also copy files tomicroSD card. But such drag and drop will not allow you to save your playlists and will not help you to convert video files. DoubleTwist can help you solve both issues, and this synchronization of your PC with Android is pretty simple.


In case you want to combine electronicmail with your Android device, you need to use Gmail. The mail client in this service is really more perfect than any other option. If you are not going to use Gmail as your personal email, you will have to manually configure the email using POP3, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync or IMAP, which is supported by almost all Android phones. Select the shared E-mail icon on the screen and enter your details.


Once you create a Google account, you immediatelyyou can copy your contacts into it. To get your contacts to a Google Account, you need to export them from a program as a CSV file. Synchronization of the PC with Android is possible and with the use of other services - you can import data from different applications.

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Global solution

There is also such software asThe Missing Sync for Android and CompanionLink for Google, but it is only available for a fee and is not very cheap. Both of these services will cost you $ 39.95. However, thanks to them, it is possible to fully synchronize the Android tablet with a PC, as well as a smartphone of any model.

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