Heavy Rain - the passage of a virtual thriller

Games can please various components: some will have great graphics, in others - great voice and soundtrack, in the third - gameplay and innovation, etc. And there are projects that combine all of the above with an amazing success. In this case, the game takes on a kind of specificity and uniqueness - you seem to be playing, but at the same time it's like watching a movie. And exactly the opposite. Heavy Rain, the passage and distinctive sides of which will be considered in this article, is something of its own that is different from other projects by its internal potential and individuality.

heavy rain passage

Master Origami

The main plot of the game "Heavy Rain", the passagewhich is mostly expressed by an investigation, is tied to the story of a serial killer, nicknamed Master Origami, leaving a figure in the origami technique at the scene of his crimes. All actions take place on the east coast of America. With each kidnapped person, everything happens the same - after 4 days the corpse is found in any gutter or river. All residents are in frank shock. The police can not find the killer. In the introduction to the game as a new victim, the child - Sean Mars - disappears. For the search and investigation are taken immediately 4 people (main characters), who will have a hard way in the abyss of the most real fear and horror.

heavy rain passage part 1


Interesting moment of the game "Heavy Rain", the passagewhich is an interactive thriller, is the diversity of actors. In this case, there are 4 of them: Ethan Mars, Madison Page, Norman Jaden and Scott Shelby. Ethan Mars is a respectable middle-aged architect. Two years before the events began, he was in a car accident, where he lost his eldest son, and himself fell into a coma. His wife left him, and with his second son, Sean, the relationship is, to put it mildly, not very. The hero did not manage to completely abandon the events of previous years, as a new serious threat is piling on him - Sean is kidnapped by a serial killer. Passage of the game "Heavy Rain" will show how far a person can go to save the most valuable in his life and what he is ready to sacrifice. Madison Page is a young photographer, suffers from constant nightmares and insomnia.

Passage of game heavy rain
"Heavy Rain": the passage (part 1)

At the beginning of the game, we get acquainted with the mainactors. All heroes are ordinary people with natural problems, but at the same time sharply differ among themselves. Norman Jaden is an FBI agent. One of the best experts in the investigation of crimes, actively using the URS system (the device of consciousness expansion). Scot Shelby is a former cop. He was over 45, but this does not stop him from continuing to do his favorite thing. After the service, he became a private detective, who also decided to undertake the investigation of the Master Origami case. One of the most fascinating properties of the game "Heavy Rain", the passage of which interweaves in itself all the stories of 4 people conducting the investigation, is that the user's actions can change, if not all, then very much in the game world. Very interesting and entertaining project, which stands out among other projects with its genuine uniqueness.

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