Mount animal Amani war bear

Even the most experienced user will not be able tolist the list of all mounts in the game World of Warcraft. He will be able to name only a part of the vehicles he has obtained, and this is fortunate if the list includes an Amani war bear. At the moment, the mount is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the game, considering only the terrestrial category. Players hunt for it all day, but in fact the way it is extracted is much easier.

Importance of mounts

Means of transportation in "Vakraft" are also calledmounts. If you look at how huge the "VoB" card is, you involuntarily understand that without them the movement will last for hours. The developers of the most popular online game almost completely abandoned the teleport system. They are only in capitals to five locations, but this does not improve the situation. On the map, characters move only on their own beasts. Ground animals, such as the Amani war bear, increase the speed by 60 and 100%, depending on the pumping skill of riding. In flight, these figures increase significantly.

Amani war bear

Description of the Mount

Amani war bear was usedzul "by the Aman clan of trolls for attacks on the enemy and defenses of the estates long before the orcs arrived in Azeroth.The animals faithfully served the masters, and they considered them their friends.In time, the tribe was almost completely destroyed, and in the epoch of the Cataclysm they marched on the side of Deathwing. because the developers have introduced the Zul dungeon "aman for five people, where the Mount Amani war bear will fall. This grizzly impressive size can easily carry a character even in plate armor. It has wooden armor, which is of two colors: red and purple. The animal stands out among other interesting animation of movement, publishes a menacing roar and frightens the view. An experienced connoisseur of the history of "Warcraft" immediately recognizes in him a trolling mount animal, by symbols on the armor and its appearance, similar to the totems of trolls.

Amani war bear how to get

Description of the dungeon

Before hiking behind a mount, it is worthwhile to know with whatyou will have to face in the instance of Zul Aman and whether the Amani war bear is worth it.How to get the location of this dungeon, any user who began his journey not later than the addition of "Cataclysm." First enter the "Ghostlands" location and move strictly to the east.The entrance will be directly behind the huge staircase.In front of the player there will be a whole location with free movement without linear corridors.In order for the Amani war bear to end up in the pocket of the character, it is necessary to kill six bosses. independently, but you need a character no lower than level 100 and equipment level 620. These are the conditions for comfortably getting the mount on the first attempt.

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General Tips

First of all, the player must remember that thisThe mount will only appear if you kill six bosses in Heroic difficulty mode in less than 25 minutes. At the entrance, immediately turn right and kill the two main trolls on the elevations. Then return to the entrance and move to the left side. There, too, is the same number of bosses. After that, the gate to the fifth enemy will open. If your character is level 100, then there will be no problems with the sweep, and the killing will last for a couple of seconds. Next, cross the bridge to the last boss and destroy it. After that, Kaysha's troll released from captivity will start to break the vases in the room, and from one of them the Kaysha Bag will fall. In it you will find such an object as an Amani war bear. After activation, the mount will be added to the collection to others and becomes available for selection. This mount is often chosen for movement on battlefields to impress the enemy.

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