Skyrim: how to become a jarl, tan or vampire

Cult rpg from the company Bethesda, releasedin the fall of 2011, managed to win the hearts of millions of fans. Elegant graphics, amazing gameplay for many hours - what can be more attractive for an avid gamer? But when you study the game far and wide, you always want to try something new, to explore the additional hidden features of Skyrim. How to become a jarl? Is it possible at all? Is it possible to change sides in a war? Turn into a werewolf or a vampire?

skyrim how to become a jarl
Actually stick to one storylinein the game quite difficult - constantly diverting third-party quests, interesting caves, a new village on the road or a sudden attacked dragon. Only you will get a taste of the journey, as it is already hard to carry the stolen goods and you have to come back to sell it all. So why not try and something new? For example, what can be more attractive in Skyrim, how to become a yarl - there is power for you, and some kind of palace, even cook special cooks!

The game is actually a lot extraintriguing plot branches and possibilities - the Skyrim world is insanely diverse. How to become a jarl? This question interests mainly those who have already tried everything in the game, and who want, so to speak, a simple urban life. The problem is that Skyrim can not become a jarl. From time to time, there are rumors that one of the players has become one, but that's not true. Someone writes on the game forums that you need to go through all the quests of the mother of the Night, someone is sure that it's enough just to kill any jarl. However, the Jarls in the game are immortal, and how many do not kill them, only in prison will once again be imprisoned.

skyrim to become a jarl
It is much more real to become a tam, for this it is necessaryjust perform in the selected city from three to five (depending on the task) quests, which will entrust to you its residents. In Vietran, the player automatically becomes automatically as the main storyline follows. After that, you do not get any special privileges, except, perhaps, a pretty squire, who, in case of something, will also feed the home pie. It seems like the residents of the city should treat the tan with reverence, but still they notice time after time that you somehow "look suspicious". So not a title, but one title.

It's another thing to turn into a werewolf. Become a werewolf will help you in combat brotherhood in Vaitran - they are there through one werewolf themselves. The skill is very useful at the beginning of the game, when there are no special skills for the character, and you want to cave the caves. Turned into a werewolf, you can growl, and all your enemies will scatter (except for the dead, skeletons and fools). For the time you have won, you can either catch up with everyone and pick up an Adam's apple, or get out of the cave under the noise until they have been beaten. I will say right away that after 15-20 levels it's pointless to turn into a wolf: the hero from this becomes only weaker.

skyrim network game
Turning into a vampire is also an amateur, becausein the light of the day, going out on the streets will be dangerous for health, at night you need to suck the blood of innocent victims, everyone will worry about your complexion, and cure of vampirism is extremely difficult.

Rumors that Skyrim is a network game are just rumors. You can download a specific mod for playing on the local network, but, most likely, this will cause the game extra glitches.

Now you know that the question of Skyrim "How to become a jarl?" - just a duck. Enjoy the virtual world, and successful games!

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