How to find the story in Yandex, take advantage of it and delete it

Many users who have just startedto study the computer and the Internet, do not know how to find the history in "Yandex" (browser), what benefit the information can yield. We will help beginners to understand these issues and respond to other, no less relevant.

What is Yandex.Browser?

Web-browser "Yandex", the release of whichtook place in 2012, in many ways reminiscent of the most popular today browser Google Chrome. Both programs are installed on the "engine" of Chromium, which provides excellent performance. The interface also has some similarities, so if you've worked in Chrome before, you probably know where to find the story in Yandex and delete it if necessary.

how to find history in Yandex

However, this web browser hasthe largest search engine runet and its "chips". For example, the browser menu includes only the most necessary - there are only a few items here, which is convenient for beginners. Separately, we can say about the built-in extensions, some of which are very useful.

How to view the history of the browser "Yandex"?

Having opened the history of "Yandex.Browser ", you will see a list of all visited Internet pages. And if you use this browser for a long time, then this list can be very large, so sometimes it is recommended to clean it. However, about this a little later.

how to view the history of the Yandex browser

So, how do you find the story in Yandex (the browser)? Just use this sequence of actions:

  • Open the web browser and click on the menu button (it shows three horizontal lines).
  • Refer to the "History" section, then select "History Manager".
  • You can get to the history page much faster if you simultaneously press the Ctrl + H buttons. By the way, this key combination works in all browsers.

As you can see, you can open a page with the history of visited pages in "Yandex.Browser" in two ways. Choose the most convenient for you.

What can I do on the story page?

You already know how to find the story in "Yandex", so now it is recommended to find out what actions can be performed on this page.

Imagine the situation that you traveledon the expanses of the Internet and found an interesting website or blog. You got a call and asked to come, for example, to work. When you're done, you come home, turn on your computer and look through different sites again. Suddenly, remember an interesting resource, which you, unfortunately, forgot to add to the "Bookmarks". What to do in this case? How to find it? That's where the history of the browser will help. Having opened it, find in the list the necessary site and follow the link. If necessary, use the column "Search in history".

In addition, not to delete the entire historyweb page views in full, you can choose only those sites that you are not interested. To do this, hover over the name of the site and select the option "Delete from history".

How can I delete my browsing history in Yandex?

To clean the history of the pages viewed,at least in two cases. First, you are not the only computer user, the second is that if necessary you can easily find the site that you visited, but forgot or did not have time to add it to the "Favorites".

where to find the history in Yandex

So, run "Yandex.Browser "and refer to its menu. Here you are interested in the "History" section and the "History Manager" subsection. A page opens where you need to click on the "Clear history" button. There will be a small window in which it is necessary to check the checkbox "History of views" and the time period. The last step is to click the "Clear History" button.

In addition, it is also recommended to clean the cache and get rid of cookies.


Now that you know how to find the story in Yandex, you can either take advantage of the information stored in this section of the web browser, or delete it.

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