Which browser for Ipad can replace Safari

What to do if the Safari browser for iPad youDo not like it at all? Despite the fact that Apple requires that all web applications on the iPad use the WebKit platform, there are many options that can be used as an alternative to "Safari".

browser for ipad

One of the most common competitorsThe default application can be called "Chrome". This is a fast browser for the Ipad with tabs that can be synchronized with a similar desktop or laptop application. One of its useful features is the ability to open web pages on your tablet, already open on one of your other devices. In addition, it is completely free.

Another browser for Ipad - ICAB - is designed forThose who want to get more performance while working on the Web. Its important feature is the ability to download files - a feature that is not available on Safari and most other web applications for the tablet. This means that you can easily upload photos to Facebook or similar sites without having to install additional programs. ICAB can also be useful for bloggers for the same reason. You can say that this is the best browser for the Ipad, because it has a download manager and the ability to save and restore forms, as well as support for Dropbox.

the best browser for ipad

Photon is the best solution for people,who want to view flash video or play on the ipad. Despite the fact that not all such applications will be supported by the above browser, this function is useful. In addition, he is endowed with all the characteristics necessary for full-fledged work on the Internet.

Another good browser for the iPad - Mercury -has a number of interesting features that make it unique. For example, the ability to mask yourself, betraying the Internet Explorer or Firefox. It's just great if you go to a site that by default downloads into the mobile version when you need a complete web page. This browser can be synchronized with Firefox, supports Dropbox and the private browsing feature, and also has options for improving performance (for example, locking images).

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Another interesting proposal, working onthe all-in-one principle, - Atomic. This browser for the Ipad has a wide range of functions, including tabs, privacy mode, full-screen mode, compatibility with Dropbox and iTunes, ad blocking features and the ability to save pages for offline reading. Another useful feature is presented in the form of rotation locking, which is very convenient when you hold the Ipad at an angle. In addition, in this browser for Ipad 4 you can connect your own search engine.

Opera Mini can not compete with someother browsers listed in this list, in terms of features, but it allows you to view compressed versions of sites that will help you get the most out with limited traffic. Despite the fact that the download site is preceded by a short pause, this is a very fast application. This is because all resources are loaded at once, in whole, rather than in parts. In addition, this browser is completely free.

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