How can I update Google Chrome?

In the fall of 2008, Google,specializing in web search, has released a new browser - Google Chrome. All the Internet community actively participated in the discussion of the new creation. Naturally, the first to be released was a beta version, which had some bugs and shortcomings, but at that time it was possible to notice the prospective growth and promotion of this product. It turned out to be so high-quality that the sensational browser from Firefox at that time became secondary. Update Google Chrome has risked many Internet users around the world. But first things first.

update google chrome
In order to update Google Chrome, you need togo to the main page of Google, where you immediately will be offered to download this browser. Download will be possible only after you agree to the terms of the small license agreement. The file with which you can update Google Chrome weighs several hundred kilobytes and was created in order to run the installer, which downloads the missing files from the Internet. This corporation Google seems to hint that the user should have at least the Internet, without which you will not be able to install the browser. But it is understandable why a web browser without the Internet? In principle, a logical step.

The browser itself is based on the Webkit engine. It is used by some other corporations to develop their browsers, for example, Apple. That is, in fact, Chrome browser and Safari are very similar. Some mobile surfers are built on a similar structure. Update Google Chrome is not difficult even for a beginner. This browser has absorbed all the developed technologies of other companies, that is why it became an undoubted leader.

refresh google chrome
Originally Google Chrome was tested on WindowsXP. You can update Google Chrome in automatic mode. The user does not even receive notifications about this, just by the fact the browser reboots - and you are already working on a new version of the product. This is a very convenient approach.

As noted above, to install Google Chromean Internet connection is required, through which the installer downloads the rest of the distribution. Although on the Internet, you can find an offline version of the installer of this browser, it weighs about 10 megabytes. Once you're able to update your Google Chrome browser, it will prompt you to import settings and bookmarks from other browsers. This greatly facilitates the transition from another product. Imagine that you have a huge base of bookmarks that you have been saving for several years. With the transition to a new browser, you will lose this collection. But Google Chrome can avoid this problem.

update google chrome to the latest version
Interestingly, the innovation that Google introduced toa new browser, - the lack of an upper menu, which mercilessly took away a useful place. It was very necessary. Although other browser developers have also started using similar design for their products in the near future. But as noted above, due to the thoughtful work of Chrome, he became the leader among browsers.

You can also update Google Chrome to the latest version forcibly. To do this, go to the settings and select the appropriate menu item. After the restart, you will receive the latest version of the browser.

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