Halaa's battle sign: where to get and what to buy?

The epoch of cataclysm, which began in the universe of the worldWorld of Warcraft with the opening of the same patch, was marked by the appearance of such a location, as Outland. The study of this vast continent, inhabited by peples, sporlings and other unusual creatures that previously did not come across to players in the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, is a pretty amusing process. In addition, a lot of new game currencies appeared, a special place among which is occupied by the research and combat sign of Halaa. It is about him that will be discussed in this article. We will try to tell you everything about the research and combat sign, whose name went from the locality located in Nagrand.


What for it is necessary?

Let's try to understand what isa battle sign of Halaa. Why do players need this item? Firstly, the given token in connection with the not quite ordinary method of extraction is an indicator of the racial and class abilities of your character. The fact is, it's not that easy to get it. Secondly, only the holders of these mysterious signs will be able to purchase improved topical combat armor, recipes for mastering the profession, as well as unique riding animals.

Where to get the battle sign of Halaa?

So, let's turn to the issue of immediate extractiona military sign. In order for this currency to be in your bags, you will need to move to Outland, or more precisely, to Nagrand, located in the western part of the location. Right in the middle of this area, players will be able to find a small settlement of Halaa. If you have a special add-on for tracking the position of objects on the map by its coordinates, then it will be even easier to find this town. Halaa is located at 42:42. A merchant named Koryel, who is in one of the buildings of the settlement, you can buy the reins of the Black fighting or riding tablets. In addition, some goods for the battle signs can be bought from the intendant Halaa Geoffrey Norilik.

the military badge of Halah

Do not expect that the battle sign of Halaa is itselfwill be in your backpack. In order to seize it, you have to work a little. By the way, to make purchases for this game currency, you will have to get not only military, but also research marks. The fact is that most of the goods from Koryel are sold for both currencies. For example, the above mentioned mounts cost 100 combat and 20 research signs of Halaa.

Tactics of extraction

To obtain in WoW a battle sign of Halaa, the playersyou will first have to master this settlement, killing 15 guards in the town. Then just stand under the flag on the central area and wait a few minutes. After the capture, you will be able to communicate with local NPCs. The players receive the combat signs at the time of the killing of representatives of the opposing faction in the territory of Halaa. Players who have been playing WoW for a long time still remember which battles took place in this small battlefield. In pursuit of unique riding animals, the representatives of the Alliance and the Horde could stand against each other for hours.

With the extraction of research signs, matters standsomewhat simpler. Killing mobs on the territory of Nagrand, players receive "Oshugun Powder", which can then be exchanged in the same Halaa for research marks. For this it is enough to find in the settlement of the Senior scientist Kartos (coordinates 41:44).

wow the badge of halaa

Update WoD: where to get the battle sign on level 100?

The last update of Warlords of Draenorallowed many players to pump their character immediately to level 90, so the development of Outland and participation in the battles of Halaa was overlooked by them. The developers took this into account and provided such gamers with the opportunity to buy mounts for battle signs. All players who built the garrison on Draenor receive a task for their companions, which is called "The Mysteries of Lock Rath". As a reward for its implementation, 40 research and 100 combat signs of Halaa are given. This allows you to immediately acquire the mount you are interested in or equipment for transmogrification.

Incidentally, the Halaa combatant in the WoD supplement can be farmed according to the old rules: capturing the populated area and destroying the representatives of the opposing faction.

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