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the program for the public Vkontakte
How do I delete a public facebook? This question can be visited by every community owner. The reasons for this may be several: the creation of a new public page, the reluctance to deal with the current one, and so on. In this article, we'll talk about a few simple steps that will help you get rid of the annoying community forever. We note at once that for the time being a specialized program for public relations "VKontakte" has not been developed, and all actions will have to be done manually.


In the social network in question, not yetthere was a function that allows you to permanently and irrevocably delete a community with a single button or a series of actions. Therefore, to erase your public profile and make it inaccessible to other users, the creator will need to do a number of actions after which the public page will be unavailable.

How do I delete a public facebook? Step 1: Remove admins

The first thing that will be necessary for us is to excludeso-called heads of public, if any. For this we go to a public page and click on the "Manage Page" button under the avatar. Then select the "Participants" tab - "Managers". Before us, all users listed in this category will be displayed. It's them that need to be removed.

How do I delete a public facebook? Step 2: Delete community members
how to remove public from VC

The second, the longest-running action, -this is the removal of all users who are subscribed to your public. Of course, if you only have a few dozen people, then this operation will not take you long. Otherwise, it will be necessary to delete in the literal sense of "until blue". But to ignore this step is impossible. Therefore, if you decided to delete a public page, then the liquidation of participants is one of the most important stages. For its implementation, go to the community page, then "Manage the page" - "Participants". Opposite to each will be a link "Remove from the community."

How do I delete a public facebook? Step 3: Eliminate all content

The third stage is the removal of all that is rich in your public, namely:

  • posts on the wall (manually deleted by clicking the cross in the upper right corner of the entry);
  • music in albums;
  • photos in albums;
  • documentation;
  • public policies (if any);
  • avatar.

How to remove public Vkontakte
The final step. Deleting all settings

In order to understand what is at stake, we goin the "Information" tab, which is all in the same section "Manage Page". We have to remove all the ticks, placed opposite all points, to eliminate the name and description of the public. Also, if you placed links to other groups, accounts, or external sites, you also need to delete them. This can be done in the "Links" section.

So we completely clean the public. Keep in mind that after all the actions done, you will not be able to restore the page, so we recommend to think carefully about this. After all, there will be no turning back. In case you are serious, our article on how to remove the public in the "VC" will be useful for you.

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