How to delete a public page "VKontakte" once and for all?

How to delete a public page "In Contact"? The fact is that in the settings of the community there is no such function, and many users are puzzled when faced with such a question. In fact, deleting the page is not at all difficult, the main thing is to know how. This we will discuss in this article.

How to delete a public page in "Contact"?

How to delete a public page "In Contact"?

The social network does not imply the possibility of deleting the created public. However, there is a need for this. Therefore, to get rid of the public page, you will:

  • remove the manual;
  • clear the list of participants;
  • get rid of all the content that is present in public;
  • eliminate all posts on the wall, documents, comments;
  • to make adjustments.

Let's take a closer look at each of these items.

Clearing the list of users

Let's start with managers (administrators)public page, if, of course, you have them. Please note that only the publishers can perform the above actions, that is, the people who created it. So, we need to go to the "Manage a page" section, and then go to the "Members" tab. In it we will see two categories of users: managers and subscribers. We go in the first and press the button "Demote the head". It is located opposite each user image. We repeat these actions until all leaders are demoted. After that, we move to the "Members" tab and delete all subscribers from the community. You have to spend a lot of time, in particular when your page has a lot of fans. We recommend that you think carefully about whether you are really ready to remove them all and abandon this public account, since all actions are irreversible.

public page in "Contact".

How to delete a public page "In Contact"? Step 2.

Now you need to get rid of all the content that contains the public page. It can be:

  • photos (albums);
  • audio recordings;
  • documentation;
  • Topics.

It is quite easy to do this. However, be prepared for the fact that this stage can take a lot of time. Try to delete all the data completely.

Deleting posts on the wall

To delete a public page "In Contact"it is necessary to get rid of all the posts that are located on the wall. Simultaneously, you will not be able to delete all the records, as this is not provided by the site. Each post will have to be liquidated manually.

Page settings

delete the public page in "Contact"

At the end of the article on how to remove the publicIn the "Contact" page, we will tell you how to change the page settings. Despite the fact that there are no users and any content in the public, it is necessary to do this. We go to the "Manage a page" and delete all information. Namely: the name, address, date of education. Remove ticks from all points. In conclusion, go to the tab "References" and erase all the addresses of sites and other groups that are located in it. This way the public page "VKontakte" can be deleted. Once again we remind you that it will be impossible to cancel all the done actions, and before deciding to take such a step, think several times.

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