How to remove Xbox (Windows 10) entirely?

It is obvious that operating systemsWindows from Microsoft is constantly evolving and improving. In the tenth version there was a unique tool that allows you to record the processes of passing your favorite games called Xbox DVR. It would seem that the idea is generally good, but not for those users who have a computer or laptop configuration that meets the minimum system requirements. The service itself is heavily loaded with resources, so many people often have a problem: how to remove Xbox Windows 10 entirely? At first it seems that it is unreal to do this, however there are several methods by which to get rid of the application or at least to disconnect it, it will not be difficult.

Can I uninstall the Xbox Windows 10?

The Xbox DVR application itself belongs to the categorysystem, which, so to speak, "sewn" into the operating system itself and work in the background, hidden from the user's eyes. Of course, for fans of games, this program is certainly of considerable interest.

how to remove xbox in windows 10

But what to do to those users who are not addicted to modern computer games, and the application is not running in manual mode, or as a background process is absolutely not necessary?

Let's leave aside the question, how to remove XboxWindows 10, and look at the theoretical part. It is considered that it is unsafe to delete system applications of the operating system. Doing this without extreme necessity is not recommended at all. But in Windows 10 there is so much extra stuff that sometimes you just need to get rid of this stuff. Xbox to those and refers. You can remove it, and the OS itself will not do any harm. The only question is how to remove the Xbox DVR in Windows 10 entirely, because the standard means of the system can not be done. Firstly, the OS itself will not let you do this even if you try to delete the folder containing the program files, and secondly, the application simply disappears from the list of programs and components. But there is a way out.

Deactivating the background recording and completely deactivating the program

The simplest solution, if the program on the computer is not in demand, is its deactivation, rather, stopping the background recording process or its complete disabling.

how to remove xbox in windows 10 completely

In the first case it is necessary to startapplication by selecting it from the standard Start menu or by clicking on the icon attached to the start screen (usually by default this icon is on the menu). After entering the program, go to the settings section in the left panel, find the row of the background record and set the slider to the on position. If the application is not currently used at all, in the same section it can be completely deactivated by disabling the creation of game clips and screen shots using DVR.

How to remove Xbox in Windows 10 completely?

Yes, the program seems to be turned off. But this is not an option. Little is it when it is activated again (unfortunately, the components of the system are able to do this). Immediately there is a question, how to remove Xbox Windows 10, to remove it from the system completely.

In this case (since the standard uninstallation tool does not work), you must use the PowerShell console, which you can run from the "Run" menu (Win + R) with the same command.

how to remove xbox dvr in windows 10

In it, you should prescribe the combination shown in the image above, wait for the removal process to finish and perform a full reboot of the computer device.

Note: The console must be run exclusively with administrator rights. Otherwise, you may get an error about the fact that the removal failed.

Using uninstallers

Finally, the question of how to remove Xbox Windows10, can be solved by a simpler method. To disable the program, you can use utilities such as Windows 10 Manager. But for complete removal it is better to turn to the help of special uninstallers like iObit Uninstaller.

can i remove xbox windows 10
For example, it is in this program thatenter the Win10 Manager (or Windows Apps) section, go to applications, select the Windows application menu, find all the Xbox components in the list and delete them. You can do this one by one by pressing the Recycle Bin button in front of each of them, but you can select all components by first checking the box on the batch delete string from the top, then marking all the components and deleting them all at the same time. As a rule, there will be four:

  • Xbox;
  • Xbox Game Bar;
  • Xbox Game Speech Windows;
  • Xbox Identity Provider.

Thus, by the way, you can not only get rid offrom this application, but also completely uninstall all other unnecessary system components that the user does not use in daily work.

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