How to see the story in "Mozile" and whether it can be restored

Some users do without the menu barin the browser, and, probably, it is difficult for them to figure out how to look at the story in Mozile. This assumption is true, because in the menu bar, if it is open, the user would see, among others, the item "Journal", which immediately suggests that here it is about accounting for site visits.

Adding the menu bar

If you right-click in the topwindows of the browser (we are talking about Mozile), we will be offered a list of possible operations for setting up the interface, including the ability to add a menu bar by ticking it.

So, adding the navigation bar and expanding the "Journal" tab, you will see the line "Show the whole log" in the list chapter. How to open a story in "Mozile"? Just click on this line.

how to see the story in the Mozilla

According to your tacit agreement, the magazine will open ina new window, and there, if you have not looked at it before, all the sites sorted by the date of the last visit will be displayed, starting from the current day and up to 6 months.

The list of sites can be sorted by date of addition, by name, by location and other parameters in the "Sort" tab in the "View" menu.

Button with bars in the upper right corner

In the event that the menu bar is not at the top, the logcan be opened by clicking on the button with three bars in the upper right corner of the window - all the functions of the browser are collected here. Pressing the "Log" button, you will expand the list of sites of the current day, but if you are interested in how to see the story in "Mozile" for a longer period, you need to click on the already familiar "Show the whole magazine" line at the very bottom of the list of sites.

By the way, since we turned to the striped button at the top right, you should pay attention to one of the functions of its menu with the inscription "Private window", clicking on which will open a new window in the browser.

Private Browsing

Private viewing is guaranteed here.Web-pages without saving information about visited sites, because the browser will not remember the history of your adventures in the network. This applies to temporary Internet files, Web form logs, visits, searches, downloads, and cookies, but the bookmarks you have created and the downloaded files will be saved.

Now that you know about the possibility of a privateviewing, you can safely engage in "secret activities" on the Internet, without fear that someone who knows how to look at the story in "Mozile", will expose you. The truth from prying eyes in the network (from an Internet provider, for example) private function does not hide you, as well as from spyware secretly registered on the computer.


You can open a log of visits (or rather,sidebar) and without the menu, and without a button in the strip, just selecting the Ctrl + H shortcut in any layout. This pale (so many do not notice) prompt you will see next to the line "Sidebar of the magazine", which is the first button in the list of the item "Journal" in the menu with three bars on the top right.

how to open a story in a Mozile

If you fantasize and imagine the situation,when the user needs to find out in seconds how to look at the story in "Mozile", the most shustrous in this case would be a combination of Ctrl + H, so do not ignore such clues.

We sweep the tracks

While some users are interested inthe ability to view the history of visits to sites, others are equally concerned with the problem of removing traces of their stay on certain resources. This function is naturally provided in all browsers, and Mozilla is no exception.

We have already figured out how to open a visit log,in which it is not at all difficult to delete a link by selecting the command "Delete this page" in its context menu (right button). You can, if necessary, delete the entire list of links by selecting the desired period on the left and clicking Delete.

However, for those who are interested in how"Mozile" clean up the story, simple removal is not enough, because the menu item "Journal" has the command "Recently closed tabs", allowing you to return deleted links. But in the same menu, the second line from the top suggests deleting the recent history, clicking on which, we say goodbye either to all visited sites, or for a pre-selected period, indicating at the same time what it is necessary to save (active sessions, cookies, cache, etc.).

how to clear a story in a mozilla

In the same window ("Delete all history"), you canto get by clicking on the line (link) "... delete your recent history" on the "Privacy" tab of the "Settings" item in the "Tools" menu, where it is still possible to delete individual cookies. Here you can also decide whether or not the browser should remember the history of visits at all.

How to delete a story in a Mozilla

There are sites about which users for somereasons do not want to remember, and, apparently, therefore, many of them find out how to clear the history of only one such site in Mozile. For these cases, the command "Forget about this site" is provided, which is called by right-clicking on the link to the forgotten resource. In this case, the whole history of the site will be erased for the entire period, and cookies will not be saved either. There will be no trace of your stay on this resource.

Return History

And what just do not do it in a hurry orabsent-mindedness! Just with great relief and pleasure you have cleared the history of visits, reliably noticing all the tracks, when it suddenly turns out that in vain. Some even look in the "Basket" with a weak hope, but this is not the case, because there such files do not get there, but they do not erase from the disc either.

Despair is not worth it, because the questions about what,how to restore the story in "Mozile" or to return an unintentionally deleted program, are completely solvable. Before you shake the Internet desperate SOS, you need to turn to the most healing function of the computer - "System Restore", which is registered in the "Tools" folder in the "Start" menu at "All Programs"> "Accessories"> "Service".

Depending on the limitation period of the deleted historyselect a recovery point and, after reading the instructions, start the process. All entries in the visit log will return as nice, but without known costs in such cases, as a rule, is not complete, and therefore came up with a program capable of returning deleted files.

According to the "victims", among the services of this kind the most popular and often used program is Handy Recovery.

how to restore the story in Mozile

The utility is easy to use, and the one wholearned to delete history in the browser, and certainly will cope with its restoration. True, the program is not devoid of shortcomings (paid, you see), but during the trial period you can recover more than a dozen unintentionally deleted stories.

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