How to grow watermelon in "Maincrafter": details of the process

Today we will talk about how to grow a watermelon in "Maynkraft". This game improves continuously, and more and more opportunities come here from real life. We will now talk about one of them.


how to grow watermelon in mayncecraft
"Watermelon" - this word is always associated with ussweetness, and thirst. It is difficult to find a person who does not like the fruits of this plant. Watermelon in "Maynkraft" also causes pleasant feelings for all players, because one "berry" can feed the character for a long time.


watermelon in mayncecraft
How to grow watermelon in "Maynkraft"? This question is asked by every resident of the virtual world, but not everyone can understand it himself, so we will try to help you. The most difficult thing in creating this berry is to find the seeds of the plant. They can be found in fortresses and dungeons, which can be found either in the thicket of the jungle, or in a hot desert, or, more recently, under water, in internal chests.

We can also exchange seeds from the villagers. For this, it must be found and in it - a certain class of a resident. He sells seeds. Thus it is necessary to give for them the thing or emerald.

Well, we got the seeds, and maybethe impression that now it's time to relax, but it was not there. In order to find the answer to the question of how to plant a watermelon in the Maincrafter, we take a shovel in hand and dig the line for as long as your bed. Next, we need a few buckets of water (presumably four) to make an infinite source. It is useful not only for growing plants, but also for taking water from it without going far from home.

We proceed to the next stage. Pour water from one edge and the other until the current disappears. Now it's a little thing: we take a hoe and prepare fields for planting, we plant seeds. A very important aspect of this process: next to the block on which you planted a watermelon, you need one more - free. It is necessary for the appearance of the berry itself.

So we went through the basic stages of solving the problem ofHow to grow a watermelon in "Maynkraft". Then we break the plant and get from six to nine slices. They can be eaten or made from seeds. It's also easy to get a sparkling watermelon.

After you have collected berries, in their placewill grow new. This property of the plant in the game gives us the opportunity to make a mechanical farm to assemble the watermelon. For this we need a piston, a redstone, repeaters and a chest with a funnel. Opposite the fruit of the plant we put the first of the elements. From him, we are editing a line to repeaters, which need as much as is sufficient for a time until a new berry grows. In the place where the slices fall, we put the chest with a funnel. When the watermelon is broken, the pistons will certainly fall into the "storehouse".

Cultivation for sale

how to plant watermelon in maynkraft
If you think that you can create a watermelon onlyfor food, you are deeply mistaken. It can also be produced for sale. And the player who understood how to grow a watermelon in the Meincraft, will never be hungry or poor. After all, if you "exist" on the server, you just need to get money to buy hard-to-get resources. They can be obtained by selling watermelons. Having grown enough for food, we take a surplus and go to the server store. We find the plate with a slice of watermelon and click on it with the right mouse button. That's all - you have replenished your funds.

In this article, we tried to talk about how to grow a watermelon in "Maynkraft" and how to apply it. We hope that our work will be of use to you.

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