The most stupid game in the world. Reflections on things

Today you are talking about what thestupid game in the world. How is this determined? Who is given the right to decide? And what kind of opinions are there in users around the world. And also try to decide whether or not you can call any game dumb.


In fact, the question of which is the dumbest one inthe world of the game, is found among gamers quite often. Why people need to know this is incomprehensible. On the one hand, it will help them avoid games that you should not even look into. On the other hand, they can easily find a project in which they have been sitting for a long time, in some list of ill-fated ones. And only an insignificant part of users will understand and come to the conclusion that there is no comrades to the taste and color.

the stupidest game in the world

Strangely enough, when arguing about what gamebetter or worse, no one is ever able to bring adequate arguments. The best that you can hear from a person: "*** - stupid game." At the same time, any Petya will say: "Well, what? Yes, there is a stupid shooter there, but this is what you need to rest after work." And how to make at least some rating and statistics? Each person has his own preferences, and what does not like one, can like the top ten others. The maximum that could be done, to arrange a survey on a single forum, but that remains one subjective factor. All those who sit on the same forum have something in common. If a person likes something in the environment, then he will remain there. Therefore, opinions will be approximately the same, but fundamentally different from the research on another resource.

Crafts and old clothes

Let's pass directly to the issueon practice. What is the dumbest game in the world? Probably everyone knows Mario. A little man in the suit of a plumber who runs to save the princess. At one time this game was on the heights of various ratings and magazine covers. What now? Many frankly call it dumb. Or the same "Sonic". He is ready to be blamed for hours, but this does not change the essence - it's the idol of the Play Station console. Proceeding from this logic, it would be possible to draw a conclusion that the most stupid games are outdated pre-installed applications. But the people who started them will not agree, and they will do it right.

stupid game

Another category of games has become more relevant inpresent time. When the level of computer education in the world grew, people rushed to create "Pinocchio" independently. On the one hand, it can be changes to the codes of old programs, and on the other hand, the writing of meaningless applications for social networks. Would you like to play in "Mario", where all the characters are replaced with a trollface? It is doubtful. And applications like "Bring the drunk to the house," "Throw a man off the ladder"? Ideas simply shine with the mind.


However, in most cases, when answering a question,what the dumbest game in the world, people give an example of online games. And often people try to humiliate the most famous of them. Lineage, Dota 2, World of Tanks - these games often turn out to be in disfavor, but they remain in top on attendance and the number of players. What attracts people?

Also speaking about what is the dumbest in the worldgame, it is worth mentioning the projects purchased by It can not be said that all projects are so bad. They continue to play millions of people. But those who played in them before buying the mail, unanimously declare that the games are spoiled. Basically the fact that now without investing money in these toys you can not play normally, and it's unrealistic to get into TOP.

the dumbest games

Now do you understand that any opinion is subjective? And what do you think is the dumbest game in the world?

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