Why Skype does not work

Skype is a program with which you canorganize not only the usual audio calls between people on the devices of which it is installed, but also videoconferences. One of its advantages is the availability of versions for various platforms. So, absolutely free of charge it is possible to call through the Internet from a tablet on the computer, from JAVA-phone on Android and so forth. Rare application can brag of such universality. Now there are more than 700 million users of this program.

skype does not work
For the first time Skype was introduced to the world in the distant 2003year. During the existence of the program, developers were able to earn (some types of calls are still paid) more than $ 100 million. This was followed by the sale of eBay's property rights and, in the end, Skype became the property of Microsoft for $ 8.5 billion.

Despite the respectable ten-year age of the program, sometimes Skype does not work. And not necessarily a reason in the program itself.

Why skype does not work?

Recently, many users of this applicationfaced with the impossibility of connecting it to the global network. After launch, the application icon remained gray (inactive), instead of green, symbolizing the normal connection. In the network, users began to ask each other: "Why does Skype not work?".

does not work skype
In this case, it was due to a failureservers, associated with the reconfiguration of all resources by the new owner. But such a global malfunction is, rather, an exception. Much more often Skype does not work because of an error in the software from the user.

Restore working capacity

Quite often the impossibility of a connection is causedincorrectly typed password (it is hidden by asterisks). A mistake in one sign - and Skype does not work. Therefore, it is recommended to create a special folder on a disk or flash drive, where the text files will store passwords and codes. If necessary, the directory can be protected. Thus, you will not need to remember the password, mistaken when typing - just copy the desired line and paste it into the personification window Skype.

The next thing to do if you can not connect is to update the program by downloading and installing the new version. This is absolutely free.

The next reason may be related to the selective blocking of the program traffic by the installed firewall. You can try to temporarily suspend the operation of the Firewall.

the microphone does not work in skype
If the problem disappears, you must allow Skype to access the network in the settings of the antivirus application or install alternative software.

In addition, sometimes the reason for the inoperability is that the computer does not communicate with the Internet.

Alternatively, you can try to uninstall the programand reinstall it - sometimes this simple method turns out to be quite effective. Alternatively, you can use a portable version that does not need to be reinstalled after reinstalling the operating system.

Sometimes users complain that it does not workmicrophone in Skype. This problem is not related to network operation and depends only on the hardware and software settings on the computer. To test this guess, you need to follow the path "Tools - Settings - Sound Settings" and, indicating the microphone, check its sensitivity. If it did not help, then the reason should be found in the connection of the microphone itself or the sound card driver.

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