How to earn pocket money in the "VKontakte" group?

Social networks are convenienta modern means of communication. Not everyone knows, but they are also sites for generating income. If you are interested in how to make money in the "VKontakte" group, then read on!

What is necessary

Before you start to get your first profit in the social network, you need to acquire the following important "tools":

  • With the VKontakte account. This item can be skipped by those who already have an account on this network. Those who do not have it, it's worth to go through an uncomplicated registration, otherwise you will not know how to make money in the "VKontakte" group. The whole procedure is completely free.
  • It is necessary to have a group with many friends. To do this, you should constantly update it with interesting and relevant information. Only in this case, a good income is possible with this kind of earnings.
  • The main thing that is necessary is an interesting idea.

After you create a group, gather an active and a large audience, you can think about how to make money in the "VKontakte" group. There are different options with their own merits

how to earn in a group in a contact
and shortcomings.

Ways to earn money

One of the popular ideas is a group likeonline store. Experts say that this is not very effective. In addition, when it comes to the owner of a serious company with its network of outlets throughout the country, as well as with several sites. In this case, the group is another means for communication and attracting customers. Many users complain that they are bored with the group-shops, now and then something to offer to buy. In addition, it is believed that this is not solid and does not inspire confidence. In this regard, it is better to make a convenient Internet site on the domain purchased. Therefore, if a profitable trading platform is required, it is better to invest for an individual resource on the network. In this regard, social networks are not very effective.

So, the question of howearn in the group "VKontakte." Knowledgeable users talk about the sale of promoted groups. The price comes to 2 thousand dollars. Is it tempting? However, the money will not go into the hands of themselves. No one needs an empty group with several participants, even for 50 rubles. It is necessary:

  • find a popular topic for the group;
  • to search for interesting material;
  • increase the number of participants, constantly attracting new ones.

It may take a lot of time and energy topromotion of the group. After that, it is worth trying to find a buyer. The minus of this method is the receipt of a single fee only. After the sale, you part with your group, it will no longer bring you profit.

Some users are interested in knowing how to make money in contact by placing ads. This is the most profitable and uncomplicated way. You can put in your group different banners.

How to Make Money in Contact Us

Varieties of such earnings

Affiliate programs can bring a small,but a fairly stable income. To do this, register in the affiliate service and place links to sites that are advertised. There are three ways to profit in this case.

  • When clicking on links.
  • For the purchases that are made on partner sites, going from you.
  • For any "useful actions" of users. For example, if a visitor subscribed to any newsletter or used a certain service.

There is also such kind of partner programs asSMS-services. For the fact that users pass certain tests, you can get a good percentage. Just remember that everyone who wants to learn different "super-diets", "the secret of his name" is less and less.

Another way to earn money on advertising -independent search for clients by posting offers on forums, blogs. If the group is popular, then there will be those who want to mark your ads. Much here depends on the integrity of the partners and on your organizational skills.

Earn in contact on the husky
You can also earn "VKontakte" on the likes.For this, there are special services. How do they work? It's simple, you register on the site, select certain tasks and get your money. The tasks are simple:

  • Click on "I like", "share".
  • Join a certain group, etc.

The cost depends on the complexity of a particular job.

According to many, the most effective earnings of VKontakte will be placement of advertising links to different resources. Just do it all with the mind, not to become a spammer.

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