More details on how to make a repost "VKontakte"

how to make a rep in a contact.
You have repeatedly heard about reposts in the social network "VKontakte", but do not know what it is? It does not matter, in this article we will talk about this in detail. Also, we'll figure out how to make a repost "VKontakte."

All in order

Every day in the news line we see a lotinteresting, funny or cognitive records that we would like to keep on our walls. Also our friends are often asked to make a repost of any news. But we do not understand them and often blush for it. So, let's find out what "repost" is. This is copying yourself to the wall of someone else's record. The post can be taken from the page of another user, group or public page. Why do people copy records?

  • For interest (caught a funny picture or clever idea).
  • For the purpose of advertising (for example, if your friend opens a store and using the social network wants to attract potential customers).

Repetition of reposts in the contact
How to make a repost "VKontakte"?

Copying someone else's recording is done in onecry. Namely: we find an interesting post, then go down and click on the "Share" button. In the pop-up window we have to choose whether to send a record to the wall or a personal message to another user. In the first case, choose "Friends and subscribers", in the second - "Send by private message".

There is another way to do thisrepost "In Contact." Again, we find an interesting entry and point the cursor at the heart located below it. A small dark window pops up, in which we need to click on the "Tell friends" link. The post will appear on our page instantly. In fact, both methods lead to the same effect. How to use them is up to you.

Repetition of reposts "VKontakte"

In order for the record to be popular and performits function (as a rule, it is an advertisement of something: services, companies, goods, etc.), it needs to be spread among as many users as possible. How can I do that?

  1. Ask your friends. Tell them how to make a repost "VKontakte", and ask them to copy your entry to your page. The more friends, the more likely that the post will reach potentially interested persons.
    how to make repost in contact
  2. Start collaborating with another community,group. You can write a letter proposing to post your post on the page of any popular public. Of course, some of them may be denied, but others, on the contrary, will gladly accept your offer (not a fact that is free).
  3. Use the services of SMS-agencies. The cost of the work of such specialists will be higher, however, the effectiveness is greater.
  4. If you own a group or public, then yoursubscribers or members of the group can help you in advertising. The most effective will be to announce a contest, the meaning of which will be to place a certain record on the page of each of them. An occasional user can gift a gift or send a few votes (site currency).

Now you know how to "Contact" to make a repost. We hope this information will be useful for you and your activity in the social network.

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