Game "Matryoshka": what surprises foreigners in Russia?

More recently, people very often looked attelevision, various intellectual shows, such as "Who wants to be a millionaire?", "Weak link" and so on. These programs were gaining incredible ratings, so the developers of computer games decided not to miss their chance. Naturally, there were projects-clones, which exactly copied the gameplay of popular television programs. Of course, this was not the only thing, and soon independent projects began to appear, such as the Matryoshka. This game you can find in social networks, and it will allow you to check not only your knowledge of specific issues, but also the understanding of people and their opinions.

Next, you will learn about what constitutesgame "Matryoshka", as well as about what surprises foreigners in Russia. It was this issue that caused most of the users the most violent reaction and active discussions.

The game "Matryoshka"

what surprises foreigners in Russia

Before proceeding directly to the question ofthat surprises foreigners in Russia, we should consider how this game works. "Matryoshka" is an intellectual game project for social networks. Here at each level you have to choose the answers to the questions that, in your opinion, will be the most popular. Thus, there are no questions here that have the only correct answer, so you will need even more ingenuity.

With each level, questions will be increasinglyinteresting and exciting, and the level of complexity increases, so guessing the most popular answers becomes more difficult. Well, now you have a general idea of ​​what a Matryoshka game is in social networks. Now it's time to move on to the most interesting question in this game. What surprises foreigners in Russia?

The third most popular answer

what surprises foreigners in russia in the game of nesting dolls

Naturally, no one will immediately disclose to youa popular answer - will have to wait. In the meantime, you will find out what surprises foreigners in Russia, or rather, the answers that turned out to be on the second and third lines of popularity.

Fourteen percent scored quite obviousthe answer is "Vodka" - he is the third most popular. Indeed, foreigners are often guided by the stereotype that in Russia everyone always drinks vodka exclusively.

Of course, the level of alcoholism and consumptionstrong alcoholic beverages per capita is very high, but you should not give in to stereotypes - not everyone uses only vodka. It's not enough just to add a riding bear and a balalaika to make a portrait of a Russian person on foreign stereotypes. Naturally, this is not the only answer to the question of what surprises foreigners in Russia. In the game "Matryoshka" you can give another answer in order to earn even more points.

Second place

what surprises foreigners in russia nesting dolls

So, before you the question of what surprisesforeigners in Russia. "Matryoshka" suggests choosing the most common option. As you already understood, "vodka" is in third place in popularity. What will be on the second? Twenty-one percent of people believe that foreigners are most surprised by Russian citizens. And it is not surprising - even the classics wrote that it is impossible to understand Russia with the mind.

The mysterious soul of a Russian man is often pushedhis actions, which will not be fully understood by the foreign visitor. That's why in the game you will earn many points if you give such an answer. However, note that this is not the most popular answer to the question "What surprises foreigners in Russia?". The game "Matryoshka", the answers to which sometimes can hit you, invites you to familiarize yourself with the most common option.

First place

what surprises foreigners in russia game matryoshka answers

It's time to find out what is most surprisingforeigners in Russia. Thirty-six percent of people believe that the most surprising for foreigners in Russia are the roads. And this opinion has the right to life, since in the Russian Federation the state of roads in most cases leaves much to be desired, while in Europe it is closely monitored. Therefore, foreigners who come to Russia are often really surprised at how one can generally travel on such roads.

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