If the Skype database could not be downloaded, what should I do?

If you are studying this material, then yourthe computer was unable to load the Skype database. But do not get upset for several reasons. Firstly, because you are not the first who faces this, and secondly, I'll tell you how to fix this problem.

could not load the skype database

If you can not load the Skype database,this means that a fairly common error has occurred. And the simplest, but not always working, solution is the normal restart of the program. Try to do it first. If, after such a procedure, you were unable to load the Skype database (Windows 7 or XP are considered in this case), then let's see why this problem occurs.

As a rule, there are only two of them. In the first case, the database can actually be used at the moment. The second option is that it can be simply corrupted, so the program can not use it. Thus, you will see a message from the system that the Skype database could not be loaded.

can not load skype database

In the first case, the problem is eliminated by exitingfrom your account and re-enter. If this did not help you, and your computer tells you that the Skype database could not be loaded, make sure that the program is not running on your machine. To do this, open your task manager, where you go to the processes tab, and search for Skype.

If he is there, this action is necessaryto cease. Note that if several such processes of the same name are launched, the work of absolutely all should be stopped. Only after that, sign in to your account. In the event that this did not help, everything indicates that the base is really damaged.

failed to load skype database windows 7

With a damaged base, you need to do otheractions. Close your Skype with the right mouse button through the tray. Next, you need to "drive" the drive on which the operating system is installed, for errors. This is done through the "Properties" tab of this disk, where the "Service" - "Error Checking" section is selected. Do not forget to check the box to automatically fix the errors found. Once the test is complete, try running Skype again.

In case of failure, download the program and findSkype profile directory. When you go into it, look for a file called main.iscorrupt. Move it somewhere outside this directory and log into Skype again. Now you will need to find the profile folder of this program, in which there is an error. To do this, through the "Start" you need to execute the command% APPDATA% Skype and press Enter. Locate the desired folder, move it or completely delete it. After that, go to Skype under your name.

Having completed these simple operations, you will restorework of the software. I hope that my recommendations helped you solve your problems on your own. Since such questions arise periodically, try to memorize these instructions so that you can use them at the right time. Also tell the solution to your friends and acquaintances. I think that all users have ever encountered or can face in the future with such a nuisance. Thank you for being with me all this time. Troubleshoot your Skype.

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