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Choose a browser for Android is pretty hard,given their number on the web. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the browser directly integrated into the Android demonstrates very good results. At the same time, it is easy to use, all functions are easily recognizable, it will not be difficult to understand them. In addition, it is reliable, the only drawback is only the fact that sometimes sites designed for a PC will be opened in the mobile version.

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If you try to highlight the top fivebrowsers for Android, then among them there will be a standard browser of the operating system. If you consider Mac OS and iOS, then the best option is to choose the Safari browser. For Android, it's not so clear.

Continuing to select the best of the best browsers forAndroid, you should pay attention to those software products that are leading on the PC. Namely - mobile versions of Mazilla, Opera and Google Chrome. Of those that are designed for mobile "operating system", you should highlight the browser Dolphin (Dolphin).

Taking the study of the Dolphin, it should be noted,first of all, its simplicity and immediacy. We can say that this is the best browser for Android. But only for those who are still at the stage of acquaintance with the operating system of mobile devices. It is easily configured as a PC version, which avoids annoying factors in the form of a permanent greeting with a mobile-optimized version of the website. In addition, it supports an interesting feature of painted gestures, which each user can easily customize for themselves. However, this is all its advantages and ends, and the lack of the usual navigation buttons and address bar a bit confusing, but the speed of loading pages is quite high.

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Mazil Firefox (Mozilla Firefox) candeserve the title "the most reliable browser for Android". In addition, it has a large number of themes, allowing you to personalize the appearance, responds well to incoming signals from Android. But it has a couple of notable shortcomings. The main one is the low speed of loading pages, other problems are associated with the incorrect display of some common fonts and the lack of dynamically changing sizes of the web browser itself.

Opera demonstrates one of the best results fordownload speed of web pages. This is achieved through the use of compression technology. But there are not some elements of the navigation menu, there is no "incognito" mode, there are problems with the processing of tabs.

Chrome browser for Android shows a decentspeed of loading of pages and considers all nuances of work with monitors of mobile devices, and it is really appreciable. Dynamic adjustment allows you to conveniently place on the screen a web page, using the maximum display area, rather than tearing out individual elements, displaying everything else in white, like in Mazil or Dolphin.

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A feature of Chrome is that this browserfor Android allows you to synchronize all data if the user has a version for the PC, which is very convenient, given the popularity of this software product. In addition, Chrome allows you to switch between pages by simply holding your finger across the display - an elementary function that creates a lot of convenience and for some reason is not implemented in other applications for web surfing.

If you try to name among the described browsers the best, then most likely they would be Chrome, which in the near future should become the default browser in Android.

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