How to spread photos in the Instagram through a computer with the help of different programs

Many are interested in how to put photos inInstagram. At the same time, most users are sure that this can only be done with a smartphone. In fact, the ability to download photos from your computer to Instagram is quite accessible with Gramblr. This is a free program that allows you to connect the Instagram account and start the instant photo upload.

how to upload photos to instagram via computer

Main Features

Talking about how to upload photos in the Instagramthrough a computer using Gramblr, you must be pre-registered in this social network. Your photos should be edited in advance, taking into account the requirements of the program to their size, which is 650 by 650 pixels. You can add any description and tags to the image. After Gramblr loads your photo, the program will provide you with links that allow you to share pictures.

How it works?

To follow the instructions on how to upload photos to Instagram through a computer, you need to do the following:

1. Download and install the Gramblr application from its official site. Currently, the program supports Windows (XP, Vista, as well as the seventh and eighth versions) and Mac OS X.

2. Before uploading photos, they must be previously saved as files with the extension .JPG. As already mentioned above, it is also necessary to edit the images in advance to the required size of 650X650 pixels.

how to upload photos in instagrama

3. Log in to your Instagram account using your account information.

4. Select the photo you want to upload and click Download.

5. Add a caption to the photo and click "Save".

After you follow these steps of the process,lay out photos in the Instagram through a computer, Gramblr will provide both direct links to downloaded images, and web links, HTML code, encoding for BB forums, and also provide an opportunity to share your photos on Facebook and Twitter.

how to put a photo in an instagram


So, you can upload photos to youran Instagram account and not made using your phone. In addition, Instagram is a great opportunity to make advertising something interesting in a visual way. In this regard, many are interested in how to upload photos in Instagram, without having a device on Android or iOS at all. Today you can meet whole groups of users who work around the limited environment of this service. So how do they do it? There are currently several ways, and using Bluestacks is the easiest way to download photos right from your desktop!

Bluestacks is a free program inCurrently - in the beta version, which is an imitation of running Android applications on your device with Windows or Mac. This will also give you access to a more full-fledged use of your account in Instagram, and you will be able to upload photos in any size, use filters, comments, view images and access account settings the way you could do this from an application on your phone.

How to do this?

1 . First of all you will need to download and install BlueStacks.

2. After installation, click the search button (the "magnifying glass" icon) in the upper right corner of the program. Find Instagram and install the application.

3. After that, the Instagram will appear on your BlueStacks settings panel. Log in to your Instagram account (or create a new one).

4 . In the settings of your Instagram profile, select Options and then "Camera Settings", and uncheck "Use Instagram's Advanced Camera".

5 . After completing the instructions - how to upload photos in the Instagram via a computer, you can also switch to other settings and connect your accounts to other social networks.

6. Now go back to the BlueStacks panel by clicking the Home button at the bottom of the screen. Find the "File Expert" button and install the application, leave it running in the background.

7. After that, place the photos that you want to upload to Instagram to the My Pictures folder on your computer. Create a new folder inside this directory and name it as you want to load the images onto Instagram (for example, "Instagram-photo").

8 . Now again open Instagram in BlueStacks - you can download any selected photos!

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