Advantages of the inkjet printer and its shortcomings

It is very convenient when there is a printer at homedevice. Advantages of inkjet and laser printer are indisputable: the cost price is considerably reduced in comparison with the printout in the salons, the device is always at hand, which is very important for schoolchildren and students. The first type occupies a leading position among devices intended for home use. Consider their pros and cons.

advantages of an inkjet printer

How the inkjet printer works

The device is arranged quite simply: through the smallest nozzles (nozzles) on the print head under high pressure, ink is sprayed onto the sheet. From these microdrops an image is formed on paper. This is the most common printing principle, ensuring the simplicity of both black and white and color printing.

Types of Inkjet Printers

These devices are distinguished by the principle of feedingink on piezoelectric and thermal. In the first case, the paint comes under pressure. It creates a piezoelectric element. In the second case, the pressure is pumped when heated. Regardless of the type of ink supply, the drawbacks and advantages of the inkjet printer will be the same. Below they will be considered in more detail.


Advantages of the inkjet printer make it a very popular device.

  • The device itself is very cheap, for a few thousand rubles you can buy a decent device that will cope with all everyday tasks.
  • In many models, you can refill the cartridge yourself, which gives a good savings on consumables.
  • On some devices, you can reduce the size of the drop. The printing becomes more pale, but the black paint is considerably saved.
  • You can install a continuous ink supply system. Then the paint will come from refilled reservoirs.
  • Virtually any inkjet printer can print in both black and white and in color. This makes it possible to beautifully draw up reports, abstracts, etc.
  • Apparatus occupy little space, compacts.
  • Often they combine several devices: a printer, a scanner, a copier, less often a fax machine. These are the so-called MFIs.

advantages of inkjet and laser printer

  • In inkjet printers, there are many more types of compatible papers than the laser version. This gives more freedom of action. One machine can print on ordinary, writing, photo and other types of paper.
  • The advantages of an inkjet printer are notonly in an affordable price for the device itself and supplies, but also in the clarity of images. Some models allow you to print full-color high-quality photos.
  • Many models have a low noise level.


Inkjet printers have advantages and disadvantages. The latter are also sufficient, but for the most part they are uncritical, they can be easily circumvented or minimized.

  • Manufacturers overstate the volume of cartridges. Usually they are enough for a smaller number of sheets. If the cartridge is not refilled, then the paint comes out very expensive.
  • Slow printing compared to laser.
  • High cost of cartridges.

inkjet printers advantages and disadvantages

  • Significant paint consumption per sheet.
  • If you do not print for a long time, the ink dries. If the printheads are located on the printer itself, you will have to change the entire device.
  • For high-quality printing, quality paper is needed. On rough sheets, the ink may blur.
  • The paint does not dry out at once, the printed image is easily spoiled by hitting a hand or removing it into a file.
  • Ink when wet gets blurred, smeared or completely washed away.

Advantages of an inkjet printer easily cover such minor drawbacks. This is a good budget option for home, when you need to print a little, but almost every day.

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