Binary options. Olimp Trade: reviews of the broker

Binary options are classified as majorinstruments of the financial market. They are convenient and perfect for those who are only taking steps in this direction. The option is a contract, which is between the trader and the broker. In the case of a correct prediction, a trader makes a profit or receives nothing if the assumptions turned out to be erroneous. In comparison with the standard purchase of currency with an emphasis on its appreciation or cheapening, the option is the rate of a specific amount of funds for further growth or further asset decline.

What is the convenience of trading binary options for beginners

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Binary options are a wonderful tradinga tool for beginners of the foreign exchange market, which is due to their simplicity. Many brokers, in particular, such as Olimp Trade, whose comments encourage cooperation, offer significant help to their clients. This is not only training materials, but also trade supervision, expert support. Many companies offer highly effective signals, which prompt what to do when the market develops a favorable situation. The tool, if properly used, can bring a decent profit.

Olimp Trade - a good broker for trading options

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One of the many brokers that is worthy ofattention and respect, offering access to binary options trading, is Olimp Trade. Reviews about it are mostly positive, but there are also negative comments. We'll figure it all out in order.

Фирма является собственностью двух компаний: Frandom Holding Ltd. and Smartex International Ltd. Professional participants of the foreign exchange market pay attention to the fact that Frandom Holding is located at the same address as the representative office, which owns the well-known IQ Option broker.

The emphasis is on the fact that whendisagreements with customers with the company they will have to go to court in the Seychelles, as it is under their jurisprudence and the enterprise falls. At the moment, there are no complaints about the firm's activities, and the number of negative reviews is very limited.

What can be judged based on the location of the company

На официальном сайте брокера Olimp Trade, отзывы about which it is presented on the good side, all information is presented exclusively in Russian, which gives grounds for assuming the actual location of the broker in Russia. Moscow phone numbers allow you to draw your own conclusions. Owners of the enterprise are standard offshores for profit optimization. Talk about whether a good company or bad, it is worth to cooperate with her or not, it is still early because of her small age. The official portal was opened only in 2014. In fact, a broker is a branch of a well-known company with a good reputation IQ Option, which, opening a new representative office, simply moves toward expanding the list of services and developing a range of trading.

What attracts attention

olimp trade binary options reviews

Give an assessment, based on what is said aboutOlimp Trade reviews, it's too early. Due to its youth, the broker does not yet have a sufficient number of clients. Nevertheless, people who only joined the number of clients of the enterprise, note very democratic conditions of entry and the friendliness of the trading platform itself. Based on loyal partnership conditions, we can say that in the near future the client base of the company will only grow. The trading platform is fully Russified within the Olimp Trade office. There is an opportunity to trade in euros, dollars and rubles. Open a demo account with a deposit of 10 thousand virtual dollars or rubles. The minimum amount of starting capital is from $ 10 to 350 rubles, which makes the partnership accessible to most newcomers. The minimum transaction size corresponds to 1 dollar or 30 rubles, which is pleasantly pleasing. The site has collected a huge amount of training materials, presented professional analytics and bonuses in the amount of 30% to 100% depending on the amount of replenishment. But the most basic thing, which is extremely rare among brokers, is the withdrawal of funds, which is carried out without commission.

What traders say about money-free withdrawal of money

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How good and fast is the brokercarries out the withdrawal of funds, this is almost the main parameter of choosing a partner as a trader. Due to the bankruptcy of many similar enterprises and because of the freeze of numerous payments, the issue remains topical. It is problematic to say how high-quality Olimp Trade carries out the withdrawal of money. A small number of clients do not allow you to see the real picture.

Исходя из имеющейся информации, одни люди говорят about an impeccable and accurate withdrawal of funds, while others talk about problems. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Market experts pay attention to the fact that the number of payment systems within the project is very limited: Visa and MasterCard, Yandex-money, Neteller and Qiwi. With such popular payment systems in the world as WebMoney and Moneybookers, partnerships are not supported.

Trading Tools

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Only the most popular currency pairs, gold andsilver is what Olimp Trade offers (binary options). Entrance to the site and access to trade is opened through a simple registration form. You can meet numerous reviews with the request to expand the range of offers and opportunities. As an option, you can consider two types of developments. Either the company is not going to stay long in the foreign exchange market, or it is focused only on beginners, who give an advantage to forecasting the dollar and the most sought-after precious metals.

Connection with broker

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Broker Olimp Trade - divorce or not, saydefinitely can not, until a gross violation of the partnership agreement or a complete termination of payments begins. At the moment, you can only estimate the work of the company. Clients of the company, leaving their feedback, often mention ways of communicating with the representatives of the company. Contacting the support team for any questions can be in just a few basic formats. After you open a personal cabinet in Olimp Trade, you can use e-mail, the solution of the issue on which will not be lightning fast. An online chat is available (many brokerage clients express their indignation about limited time work). You can contact the Finance Department using the standard phone number. There is still a free line, however, as traders say, calling on it, you have to wait for several hours. You can talk about neglect to customers and the inability to support a large number of traders with a minimum deposit of $ 10.

The trading platform deserves special respect

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On the project Olimp Trade.The platform is, in the opinion of many customers, one of the undeniable advantages. As a workplace, it determines the success of the trade. Beginners talk about the convenience of the program and the absence of any difficulties when working with it. Pleasantly pleased most of the possibility of hedging risks, or in other words, cancellation of transactions. If the value of the asset is sent to the wrong side, which the trader expected, then he has a certain amount of time during which he has the opportunity to sell the option to the broker at a certain price. It will be reduced by virtue of how the closing period of the transaction will approach. Functionality is available for 75% of the time from the activity period of the transaction. Element of insurance funds is not available to all brokers. This guarantees the popularity of Olimp Trade's trading instruments (binary options).

Summing up

Relatively young, but already prosperousthe company, although it has, according to customers, some shortcomings, has not yet made global mistakes. Soft and flexible partnership conditions define good prospects for Olimp Trade. Binary options, reviews about which are very versatile, in this particular case can become a base for obtaining a good profit. There are no reports that the company does not pay. This is already a good indicator of reliability. It is worth paying attention to the lack of a regulator, which, in the opinion of the majority, will be decided in the near future. Attractive trading conditions and market access for beginners - this is what the focus of the broker Olimp Trade. Binary options, the entry into the market for which is simplified to the maximum, are available with minimal commissions for trading, as well as when entering and withdrawing funds. The only cardinal "but" is large spreads that can really affect the decision on partnership in a negative way.

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