Instructions: how to make a non-breaking space in Word

Users of the program "Word" can early orit is too late to encounter such a problem as a big gap between words. This problem has been fairly well studied and there are many ways to solve it. But in this article, we'll talk only about one method - how to make an indissoluble gap in the "Word" 2007. This function is very useful, especially if the problem quite often worries you.

Non-breaking space: hotkeys and their purpose

As mentioned above, to rid yourself ofproblems, when typing a text in the "Word" are long spaces, you need to use a special space. We will now talk about how to make an inseparable gap in the Word.

how to make an indissoluble gap in a word

In order not to walk around the bush, it costs right awaysay that to enter such a space there is a special key combination - CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR. You can try it yourself. Of course, if you did not have problems with long spaces, then you will not notice the difference (between the usual and non-breaking spaces). However, you can use this way everywhere to protect yourself from incorrect formatting of the document.

Now you know how to make a non-breaking spacein the "Word", but not everyone will be able to remember this combination, or simply it will be inconvenient to enter it each time. To make life easier, you can reassign these hotkeys. About this now and talk.

You need to go to the menu "Special signs". To do this, go to the "Insert" tab, select "Characters" and click "Other". Now in the window go to the tab we need - "Special signs". Now find the line "Non-breaking space" in the list. Press twice on the "Keyboard Shortcut" field and enter the combination that suits you best.

How to make an indissoluble gap in the Word

Now you know not only how to make an indissoluble gap in the Word, but also how to independently assign a key to it. But that's not all I'd like to talk about.

AutoCorrect Setup

If you still experience discomfort atPress the combination of the specified keys, that is, another way of how to make a non-breaking gap in the Word. It consists in the appointment of automatic replacement. This is a very useful option, not only for printing a non-breaking space.

First you need to put it in the bufferexchange (in simple words, copy) the required element, in our case - an indissoluble gap. After that, go to the already familiar menu "Special signs". In this window, click on the "AutoCorrect" button, which is located at the bottom.

Now you have the AutoCorrect window. You need to enter in the "Replace" field those characters that will be replaced with a non-breaking space, and in the "On" field, insert the same space. Be sure to check "Regular text". After that, click the "Add" button.

So you have learned how to make an indissoluble gap in the "Word", how to use it, it's up to you. Now let's talk about a special blank.

Special space

The principle of how to make inseparable in the "Word"space, very similar to the creation of a special character. At least the essence is almost the same. Use a special symbol in case you want to set a certain distance between letters or words. By the way, this symbol is called Narrow non-break space.

How to make an indissoluble gap in the Word 2007

So, to set this symbol, you needopen the table of all symbols. Now in the "Font" drop-down list, select "Plain text", and in the "Set" list - "Punctuation marks". Now, among all the many different characters, find the one you need - Narrow non-break space. If anything, its name is displayed above the "AutoCorrect" button.

After finding the symbol, press the "Paste" button, afterthis symbol will be inserted in the place you specified. If you're wondering why this function can be useful, then it's great for typing dates. Thus, the numbers "2017" will be written next to the word "Year", and you will not be able to move them back.

View non-printable characters

All that we discussed in this article concernedunprintable characters. As one can understand from their name, in the text they are invisible. But there is a special option in the program that allows them to be displayed. This is the corresponding button on the top bar of the program. In the image you can see its location and the icon itself.

How to make an indissoluble gap in the Word 2010

After clicking this button, all the non-printing characters will be displayed in the text, and if you need to interact with them, then only so you can do it.

By the way, the article cited examples for the version"Vorda" in 2007, however, if you are wondering how to make an indissoluble gap in the 2010 Vord, then this instruction should also suit you.

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