How to install and how to remove "VibER" from your phone or computer?

In the Russian application market, a largepopularity has a messenger Viber. The service, which appeared in 2010, already now has more than half a billion downloads. In this connection, the following questions become urgent: how to install and how to remove "VibER" from a phone or computer?

Installation on the phone

Before you read about how to remove"Viber" from the phone, it is necessary to understand its installation. You can install instant messenger on any smartphone platform - Android, Windows or iOS. Depending on the operating system, you need to find the appropriate installation file on the official website and download it to your phone or use the special online application stores - Play Market, Apple Store or Marketplace, where you can download "VibER" for free.

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Once the download is complete, you can godirectly to the installation. After running the installation file, you should familiarize yourself with the information displayed, and then click the "Continue" button. The next step is to select the country and enter the phone number, it will be the user name and the means of communication for password recovery. Confirm the data by clicking the "Continue" button, then it will only be necessary to enter the activation code, which will come in the SMS to the number specified earlier, after which you can start working with the "Weber".

PC-version of the messenger

For computers, Viber developers offerUse special client programs that are supported on the most popular operating systems. To download the installation file, go to the official website of the messenger, where you need to select the appropriate start button for the system. Running the resulting file, you need to follow a few simple steps of installation, where you are offered settings for the location of the program.

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Having opened the installed "Weiber", there will be onlyenter the phone number to which the account is linked and confirm it with the activation code. It should be noted that all Viber-correspondence, carried out from the smartphone, will be available in the client on the computer, so you can use the most convenient way of communication.

How to delete from phone?

Over time, the need for a messenger candisappear, and then there will be a question about how to remove "VibER" from the phone. It is quite simple to do this, but there are two convenient ways. The first is to remove the application through the online store. This method is suitable only for the case when the program was downloaded through it. When you go to the application store, you need to find the Viber item with its icon in the "My Apps" list, click on it once. In the window that opens, you will be prompted to open or delete the messenger. Select the "Delete" button, then you will only have to confirm your decision and wait until the process is complete.

how to remove a vibe from your phone

The second way is to press theThe application icon in the menu or the "Edit applications" option in the settings. After that, depending on the operating system, you either need to click on the red X, which appeared in the upper corner of the messenger, or move the icon to the appeared "Delete" button with the image of the recycle bin.

Uninstalling on a computer

It's as easy as removing "VibER" from the phone,you can also perform this operation on the computer. You can uninstall the program by finding it in the Programs and Features panel, where the button for the instant messenger will be the Delete button. For another method of deletion, you need to find the folder on the disk where you want to open the file uninstall.exe, which may require administrator privileges, or select "Delete Viber" from the "Start" menu.

how to remove a vibe from your phone

Both methods will give the same results,completely removing the program along with all correspondence. It should be noted that removing the messenger from the computer does not affect the accounts on other devices, the messages will not be affected.</ span </ p>

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