Recipes of cakes and pastries in the game "My Coffee House". Raspberry cake "Summer" - recipe

Modern market of mobile and desktopEntertainment is so wide that every person, no matter what he does in real life, can plunge into the virtual world in a new way. If you want thrills, you can try knightly online quests and RPGs. Do you want to become a businessman? For this, there are various economic simulators. And if you are drawn to the ground, for this there are different options for farms. But in the article it will be about the service sector - about the game "My coffee house. Recipes and stories. "


The online game "My Coffee House" is a simulator for managing your restaurant, coffee shop or a small eatery.

crimson summer cake recipe coffee house

A player can build his institution from scratch -choose and arrange furniture, decorate the room and its design, manage the hiring of personnel, and in one way or another influence the whole life of the town in which the café is located.

Among the design options is an extensive listelements, through which you can show your imagination and create the institution of your dreams. They form an image of any type - a small cafe, a large restaurant or a pastry shop.

Structure and gameplay

The main consumers of the restaurant's products are visitors. Depending on how the room is decorated and what dishes are offered, they will sit longer and make a profit.

To do this, use new combinationsingredients for dishes and offer them to visitors. For example, players often search in the game "Coffee House" recipe for crimson cake "Summer". This dish can consist of primitive ingredients, as well as special spices that fall out in gifts, get from the staff or perform various tasks.

recipe raspberry cake summer in game coffee house

After the establishment is created, you need to hireappropriate staff - baristas or waiters. Each employee has his own level. For the fact that employees serve visitors, players get experience. They also have a set of skills that determine the effectiveness of staff. For example, such as speed, bonuses and the price of a dish. It's the bonuses that show how many spices will fall out every day.

As in real life, staff can receivefrom visitors a tip. The style of the institution influences the size of their size. That is, if all elements of the cafe are made in one design range, then the tip from visitors will be higher.


To produce elementary components for recipes, as well as individual products, special devices are used. In the game they are placed in the general section "Equipment".

From the first levels are available such typesequipment, as a showcase for capkake, filling and tea machine. They add the institution of prestige, and also supply the necessary products that can be sold separately or combined into recipes to produce more complex dishes.

my coffee shop full list of recipes

At higher levels, you can buy advanced appliances that bring more prestige and more expensive products.

Recipe Technology

In order to master a new recipe, you needequipment that brings ingredients and products. The very first sample must be collected independently, then it will already be in the database permanently. Also it can be purchased separately for diamonds.

For preparation of special drinks and dishesVarious ingredients are used, obtained from certain equipment. There are also some special recipes, for which rare spices are required. If the visitor orders them, the institution will receive a greater reward.

 recipes cakes and pastries in the game my coffee house

For example, to make tea in English you will need milk and tea. The first is generated by a refrigerator, the second by a tea machine.

Tea Recipes

One of the simple variants was presented above. Next, a complete list of recipes "My Coffee" for tea:

  • Invigorating tea. This recipe includes already found components: regular tea, ice from the refrigerator, mint from the corresponding apparatus, lemon.
  • Tea with cinnamon. To create the ingredients you need a "Cinnamon" additive and a tea machine.
  • Tea with cream. The new equipment will additionally require an apparatus for producing whipped cream.
  • Tea with lemon. For tea, you will need the "Lemon" additive.
  • Fruit cold tea. In this drink is already involved three ingredients - grape juice from the same apparatus, ordinary tea and ice from the freezer.
  • Vanilla tea. By analogy with chocolate it will take only vanilla syrup.
  • Tea with mint. To the main ingredient is added mint.
  • Tea with mint, honey and cinnamon. Honey is produced with the help of special equipment - "Natural bee honey". The rest of the components have already been applied.
  • Tea with honey and lemon. All the ingredients are known.
  • Kalmyk tea. To create, use cinnamon from the appropriate additive, ordinary salt, tea from the apparatus and milk. The salt "Sea salt" is responsible for the salt.
  • Cold tea. The required equipment is a freezer and again a tea machine.
  • Sunrise tea. This recipe includes as many as five components - lemon from the additive of the same name, mint, plain tea, ice from the freezer and syrup "Grenadine". The last component is generated by the same equipment.
  • Berry punch. Composition: grape juice from the same apparatus, syrup "Grenadine", which was described in the recipe above, plain tea, "Lemon" and forest berries. The latter can be obtained by installing the equipment "Refrigerator for forest berries".
  • Chocolate tea. It requires chocolate syrup and tea.

This description of tea recipes can be completed. The one who constantly plays, always knows the more actual state of the list.

Espresso and American

In the game "My Coffee House" all the recipes are presented in several different categories, and since their composition in most cases is similar, they can be combined and listed:

  • White glasse. Add one espresso, ice cream "Plombir" from a special apparatus and milk from the refrigerator.
  • Moccaccino. To prepare, you need to mix espresso, plain milk and chocolate syrup. Apparatus for all ingredients have already met before.
  • Chocolate moccaccino. Mix espresso, milk, which produces a refrigerator, chocolate syrup and grated chocolate. Among the equipment is a special installation that produces the last component.
  • Frappe with chocolate. Includes one simple espresso, ice from the freezer, chocolate syrup, cream and grated chocolate. As you can see, everything is simple, and these components have already met.
  • Double espresso. To prepare the recipe, you will need two components, which produces an "espresso machine".
  • Espresso Mojito. It consists of one simple espresso, ice cream from the corresponding refrigerator, lemon additive and mint, which is also sold as a separate additive.
  • Americano with milk. For the production you need the installation of "American coffee machine".
  • Americano with cinnamon. A very simple recipe. You should mix American, milk and cinnamon.
  • Cream American. You need American, cinnamon and cream.
  • Americano with lemon. It's simple - americano and lemon.
  • Chocolate American. Mixed one ordinary American, cinnamon from the additive of the same name, chocolate syrup and grated chocolate. All ingredients have already been described.
  • American Marshmallow. Includes americano, cinnamon, caramel syrup and "Zephyrki". The last ingredient has not yet been met and is produced using the Zephyrki equipment.
  • Moccaccino with ice. Similar to the previous composition, with the addition of ice.
  • Frappe with vanilla. Similar to the previous recipe, but instead of caramel, vanilla syrup is added.
  • French coffee. In the composition of only two components - American and syrup "Grenadine".


List of recipes for latte:

  • Latte with ice cream. The main component is the equipment "Coffee machine latte". But for the drink you will need two more ingredients - ice cream "Plombir" and cream, which can be obtained using the appropriate apparatus.
  • «Sea coffee». This recipe includes latte, cinnamon, "Lemon" supplement from the same supplement and sea salt. Quite an unusual composition.
  • Caramel latte. Includes latte, cream and caramel syrup.
  • Latte "New Year". To prepare a holiday drink you need: latte, cinnamon, honey and "Zephyrki".
  • Ice Latte. For preparation it is necessary to mix latte, milk, ice, chocolate and vanilla syrups.

Of course, here is an incomplete list of the recipes of the game "My Coffee", as it is constantly replenished.

how to cook a crimson summer cake in the game

Raspberry cake

The players in great demand uses a special formgoodies. This is a recipe for the crimson cake "Summer" in the "Coffee House". It brings a good income and is in demand among visitors. For its preparation simple ingredients are needed, mainly generated by the purchased equipment.

So, for the recipe for the crimson cake "Summer" in "Coffee House" you need the following ingredients:

  • Raspberry cake. It produces "Showcase for crimson cakes."
  • Ice cream "Plombir". This component has already been met, and it is generated by the "Showcase for the filling."
  • Cream. The additive "Whipped cream" will make this ingredient.
  • Lemon. It can be obtained with the help of equipment with the same name.
  • Strawberry ice cream. It is made with the help of the device "Showcase for strawberry ice cream".

That's what a simple recipe for raspberry cake looks like"Summer" in the "Coffee House". All the ingredients are available at different levels, which means that you can not create it on the first one. However, having reached the right, the player will already know how to prepare a crimson cake "Summer" in the game. This will help to earn extra money for your institution.

all recipes in the game my coffee house

Recipes of cakes and pastries in the game "My Coffee House"

Among the products there is a large number of both composite and manufactured with the help of various equipment. This is how their recipes look:

  • Captec. One of the basic components that becomes available from the second level. It produces the same showcase.
  • Cheesecake. This product occurs after the 4th level, and for its generation the equipment "Showcase for cheesecake" is used.
  • Capcake with cinnamon. The recipe is very simple - capcake and cinnamon.
  • Tartlet. The same name showcase produces this product.
  • Croissant. This kind of delicacy becomes available at the 8th level after purchasing the "Croissant Showcase" equipment.
  • Croissant with cinnamon. Just add cinnamon.
  • Croissant with cream. The same, only there are creams.
  • Raspberry cake. Formed with the help of "Showcases for crimson cakes." This unit is available from 11th level. The ingredient is used in "Coffee House" in the recipe of raspberry cake "Summer".

recipes games my coffee house


The game really delays and allows you tointerest to realize their creative potential in the virtual world, prepare a variety of drinks, collect ingredients in the game "Coffee House" for a recipe for crimson cake "Summer" and offer it all to visitors. And in return receive a reward.

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