How to delete cookies in different browsers

Cookies or cookies, or cookies are information,Created by the web server and passed to the browser when the client visits the web page. Cookies are small files with text stored on the user's computer, through which the server "learns" it the next time. When you re-visit the site, the browser sends the stored information to the server, which at the time reads it and takes the necessary action. Some cookies "live" only one session and are deleted when the browser closes. Others are stored for a certain period.

What are the cookies for?

Cookies usually store personal information: settings, passwords, logins. Thanks to them, when you re-enter the site, you do not need to enter your data (login, password) every time. Cookies allow you to load web pages and multimedia of a previously visited web resource faster. If you tick the box next to the "Alien computer" item when you log in to the site with authorization, then the user data will not be stored in the cookie.

Thus, the purpose of cookies is to identify the visitor and accelerate the interaction between the server and the client.

Negative sides of cookies

First, cookies take up space on the computer, or simply put the hard disk in the garbage.

Secondly, cookies are dangerous because with their help, attackers can steal someone's data and grab another's account on a web resource.

Thirdly, on them the browser can track andkeep statistics on the visitor's visits to those or other sites. As a result, the user at the entrance to any Internet resource will be overwhelmed with advertising information, which he was interested in recently. This practice is especially active in Google Chrome.

Fourthly, cookies can lead to incorrect work of the site, for example, when you go to any page of a web resource, it does not display what you need.

Therefore, cookies must be periodically removed from the computer.

How to delete cookies?

How do I delete cookies in Google Chrome? First click on the settings icon in the upper right corner. In the drop-down list we find the item "Tools", then open - "Delete viewing data". In the window that opens, check the box next to the line "Clear cookies". At the top choose the period for which you want to delete data - to get rid of all the cookies, you need to select "For all time". Click on the delete button at the bottom of the screen.

Simultaneously with cookies, you can delete the Google Chrome cache, which is done by checking the "Clear cache" checkbox and clicking "Delete".

How to delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox? To do this, open the "Tools" at the top of the browser window, then "Clear history". The field "Clear" appears, where we select "All". Then click on the "Details" arrow with a list of log items. We mark the "Cookie" and see if the ticks are worth some other components, which you do not need to delete. Then click "Clear Now".

How to delete cookies in Opera? At the top of the Opera window in the left corner select "Settings" - "Clear personal data." Click on the "Detailed settings", tick the "Clear temporary cookies" and "Clear all cookies" items. It remains only to click on the "Delete" button.

How do I delete cookies in Safari? In the Safari window in the top right-hand panel, find the menu and select "Settings" in the list - then "Security" - "Show cookies", mark the site for which you want to clear cookies, and click "Delete".

How to delete cookies in Internet Explorer? On the top panel of the browser we find the item "Service", select from the list of "Internet Options". In the window that appears, open the "General" tab and go to the "Browsing history" section, click the "Delete" button. The "Clear Browsing History" window opens, where we click on "Delete cookies".

All modern browsers provide for disabling cookies, removing them after a certain period, deleting after leaving the browser, setting up a "black list" of cookies.

It should be remembered that a complete disabling of cookies leads to the inability to work on some sites.

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