When and how to restore the page VKontakte?

Social network VKontakte has become a significantpart of the lives of many modern young people: with her help, they get acquainted, keep in touch, make friends and twist online romances, listen to music and watch movies, get all kinds of information. Such a valuable resource, of course, attracts the attention of intruders, and if it is not enough to be suspicious of unverified programs and sites, you can lose your precious page. On the other hand, the turbulent life on the Internet sometimes tires, virtual quarrels cause absolutely real unpleasant emotions, and someone "leaves" from there independently. It happens that the administration of the site blocks the page for sending spam, and even more banal and prosaic cause of problems is just a forgotten password. So, how to restore the page VKontakte?

Sometimes an account in a social network is blockedbecause someone steals a password and sends spam on behalf of its owner. How to restore VK page in this case? If it still manages to enter it, then it's enough just to change the password. And if this is not possible, then the easiest and fastest way is to use e-mail, login and mobile phone, but only those who pre-attached the account to the phone number can do it. How to restore VKontakte page via SMS? You need to go to "Password Recovery" and enter your login or e-mail, and then - phone number. If everything is entered correctly, this number will be immediately followed by SMS.

how to restore vkontakte page

How to restore VKontakte page after hacking?

For this, your favorite social network hasspecial access recovery service. The recovery page requires you to fill in all the required fields and specify the permanent address of your page. Then you need to send a copy of your identity card, as well as your photo near the monitor, on which you should see the completed form of recovery. After that, you should check your e-mail from time to time: if everything is done correctly, the problem will be solved. But you do not need to check it every five minutes: the VKontakte administration considers such applications within five to six days.

restore vkontakte page

How do I restore a VKontakte page after I delete it?

This is a simple task. Firstly, the administration of the social network gives everyone who leaves it a month to "relax" from virtual life, become bored with it and "come to your senses." That is, within a month after the removal of the page still exists, it is simply "invisible" for all users of VKontakte, except its owner. So if it was deleted less than a month ago, there will be no problems: you can just go on it with the same login and password. As soon as the owner of the page shows activity, it immediately ceases to be considered remote. Then open the "My Settings" menu, and in it - the "Privacy" tab. And again determine the access rights for your friends and acquaintances.

how to recover vkontakte page after removal

If more than a month has elapsed since the removal,alas, to restore the page VKontakte is impossible: a month later it is permanently deleted. But you can register anew and start a new virtual life.

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