How do I restore my Steam account? Quick Start Guide

Steam - the most popular for todaya game system that includes a store with digital distribution of products and the platform itself, which allows you to store a huge number of licensed games. This is a very convenient and effective system that has long been approved by the whole gamer society. Steam is very well protected, it's very hard to crack, but there are still situations where user accounts are abducted and hacked. How do I restore my Steam account? To begin with, it should be said that there are many types of recovery procedures that depend on the very essence of the problem. It's one thing when you forget your password or login to your account, and quite another when you stole it. But we will deal with both cases.

how to restore account stim

Forgotten data

How to restore the account "Steam", if you forgotdata to log into the system? In this case, you need to go through a series of successive recovery stages, where you will need to specify what kind of information you would like to restore (login or password). Next, you need to specify the e-mail address, which was registered in the Steam system, after which it will be sent a letter with the code that is entered in the corresponding window. The next step is to change the password, or rather, to assign a new one. After that, the restore operation is considered complete, and it remains only to log in with the new password.

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Stolen account

The other side of the coin is howrestore stolen account "Steam". Here the situation is somewhat more complicated. The first step is to contact Steam, where you must select the "Stolen Account" category in the "Account Related Questions" section. In a couple of days, a letter will come to the post office, where the user will be offered the following solutions to the problem, fully responding to the question of how to restore the Steam account:

  1. Provide color photo support servicea serial key that was activated on the stolen account. Here (in the photo) you need to write a number with the handle. It consists of twelve characters and is generated when you contact support.
  2. If the purchases were made using a credit card, then you can provide her data.
  3. Login PayPal, as well as information about the mailbox and purchase IDs.
    how to recover a hacked account

The above methods are the answer tothe question of how to recover a hacked Steam account. The first way is great for those people who purchased license keys from games on other sites. The second and third methods are suitable for those who made purchases directly from the system store using a credit card or a PayPal account. After a few hours (maximum 1 day), the support service will send the login data. The first step is to immediately enable the Steam Guard feature, which effectively protects the account from theft. Thus, we learned how to restore the Steam account if you forgot or stolen the login data.

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