How to remove the page numbering in the Word of different versions?

The MS Office package from Bill Gates is alreadyfor a long time is one of the most popular complexes of very useful programs, of which the most popular is, for obvious reasons, the Word. With its help it is very easy to create, edit and format various text files. Every PC user should be able to perform at least basic actions with this application. So, it is very important to have an idea of ​​how to remove the numbering of pages in the Word.

how to remove the page numbering in the Word

Word 2003

At the moment, many still usework with text files version of the program for the 2003th year. This is largely due to the fact that it is very stable, convenient and has become very widespread. In addition, it excels in working on weak computers, which often becomes the reason for choosing it as the main text editor for organizations, offices and so on. In order to understand how to remove the page numbering in Word 2003, you need to study the possibilities of the "Headers and Footers" section, which you can access by opening the "View" menu. Here you will need to use one of the two sub-items - "Footer" or "Header" (depending on where the numbering is located). By selecting the appropriate category, editing will become available, and the user will only have to highlight and delete any of the page numbers. This will clear the numbering and all other sheets of the document.

remove the first page numbering

Word 2007

In 2007, a new version of the populareditor. At the moment, there are more new versions of it - 2010 and 2013. However, the differences between them are already insignificant, so it's enough to know how to remove the page numbering in Word 2007, and you can already confidently carry out this procedure in newer applications. And in order to implement it, you need to consistently choose "Insert" - "Headers". In the opened tab you need to find the option "Page number". Clicking on it will open the list, among which the user is interested in the lowest point - "Delete numbers ...".

Universal way

There is another fairly simple way, having studiedwhich, the user will understand how to remove the page numbering in the Word of any version. Also this algorithm works in other applications for working with text, so knowing it is very useful. So, to clear the document from the numbering, simply point the mouse cursor to the digit with the serial number and double-click with the left mouse button. This will make the field selected for header and footer active, and the user can simply delete the number from it, which will automatically clear all other pages of the document from it.

ms office package

How to remove the first page numbering

Sometimes it is necessary to delete not all numbering, but only withfirst page. In such cases, the methods described above will not help, since the algorithms for performing this function are implemented using other tools. In Word 2003 it will be necessary to open the "Insert" - "Page numbers", then remove the checkmark, which stands in the field next to "Number on the first ...". For Word 2007 and newer versions, you will need to open the "Header and Footer" menu and select "Designer" or "Layout" (depending on the version of the program). In the opened tab, just check the box next to the "Special header for the first ..." field. That's all. Thus, on the cover page the number will no longer be displayed, and on the second page it will be according to the ordinal value and so on.

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