How to find out the Asus laptop model: all the ways

Many users, no matter howlong they have a computer in operation, unable to name the exact name of its model. And, in principle, it's easy to do without it. However, there are situations when you need to specify the exact name of your device. For example, when manually downloading drivers from the manufacturer's website, where for each particular model is its own set. Or when contacting technical support.

This article will talk about how to learnlaptop model name Asus. Despite this, all of the methods described below are suitable for computers from other manufacturers. Whatever brand of your device, it is associated with a lot of information, which is easy to get confused: serial number, motherboard model, unique ID and so on. Everything is far from simple, so this article can help everyone, even a self-confident user.

how to find out the model of laptop asus

How to find out the model of the Asus laptop, not including it

There are two common ways:

  1. You can find out the laptop model from thedevice to a package of papers. It includes a manual for operation, a warranty card, as well as a check document from the store. However, it happens that the manual indicates only the model line (the name of a series of laptops), rather than the number of a specific device.
  2. How to find out which laptop model Asus? In case the model line is not enough for you, you can always refer to a special factory sticker, which is usually on the bottom of the laptop and on the box. It contains the following data: model of laptop and motherboard, barcode and serial number. The name of the device is after the word MODEL. Note that the third, fourth and fifth characters of the name are not counted.

how to find out which laptop model asus

How to learn the model of the Asus laptop from the operating system?

Do not be afraid if the documentation with packaginglost, and the label is damaged in some way. All information can be easily obtained directly from the operating system. To do this, we will tell you how to find out the model of the Asus laptop through the command line. To do this, open the parameter input line. You can open it by START / Run. Or, in Windows 10, type "Run" in the search, which is located on the bottom of the taskbar (you can also lock the Windows and R keys). Then type cmd - so you open the command line. In it, enter the wmic csproduct get name command, and then press the Enter key. The next line will display a message with the name of your device.

You do not need to use the command bar. There is another way to find out the model of the device: open "Run" and insert the dxdiag command in the input line. The Diagnostic Tool window appears. It will open immediately on the tab you need - "System". The model of your laptop will be listed in the "Computer model" section.

learn the name of the model asus

Comprehensive information on the laptop, includingand the model name of the device, you can find out by following the path: START / Control Panel / System and Security / System. Or right click on the "My Computer" icon and select "Properties". In the tenth version of Windows, again, you can use the search. To do this, simply type "System" in the line.

How to learn the name of a model using third-party programs

In addition to finding out the model of the Asus notebook,you can get a lot of useful information about your computer, using third-party programs. For example, using the utility Everest. To do this, open the folder with the program and run the file with the extension .exe. There may be two of them at once, but any one will do. In the opened program window, go to the following path: Menu / Computer / DMI / System. In the system properties, at the bottom of the window, the manufacturer, device model name, serial number and unique ID will be indicated.

Another way

To find out which model of Asus notebook it is possible and throughBios. This method will be needed in a situation where the documentation with the packaging is lost, the label is damaged and you can not enter the system at the same time because of some error. You need to contact support, and you do not know the name of the device.

how to find out the model of the asus laptop via the command line

To get started about how to get into BIOS. The methods may differ depending on the model of the device, but there is nothing terrible in this: there are not so many options. Try to press the Esc key when downloading the manufacturer's logo. There should be a black screen where you need to find a line with the text Enter to setup ... Instead of a ellipsis, the key or a combination of buttons that you need to press to enter the BIOS will be indicated. This inscription can be at the top of the screen, at the end of the text or at the bottom. If pressing Esc did not do anything, then the next time you try, try one of these options: F2, Ctrl + F2 or Del. So, you switched to BIOS. The name of your device can be found in the Main tab or, in some cases, by pressing the F12 key.

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