How to download flash player for "Android"

Users of modern gadgets again and againask about how to install and use Adobe Flash Player on the new version of Android 4.2 or even a completely new 4.3. Get a flash player for Android is easy, and in this article you can read the guide for implementing this action in just a few easy steps.

flash player for android


Before you start, you need to make sure thatyou are all set up correctly: downloading applications from unknown sources is enabled in the Android settings (checkbox is in the correct position). This is necessary, because otherwise you will not be able to install the flash player for Android from the Google Play store. Do not forget to uncheck this box as soon as you finish the installation.

Open Android Settings and go to the Security section.

Select the "Unknown sources" check box under "Device administrators".

After this step is taken, the actual installation can begin.

Before installing a free flash player for "Android", you need to include unknown sources in the security settings.

free flash player for android

Download Flash Player

Adobe has removed Flash Player from the storeGoogle Play a long time ago, but you can find archival versions on the main page of Adobe. Open the company website page with archived versions of Flash Player on your PC (this is an easy way to avoid common problems when trying to install APKs directly from your mobile phone) and scroll down until you find the Adobe Flash player for Android 4.0. Download the latest version (located at the top of the list), and then copy the APK to your phone.

Flash Player Settings

Open any file manager and go tothe Flash Player save location, and then install it. That's all, it's very simple! Do not forget to uncheck the "Unknown sources" box in the security settings as soon as you wait for the installation to complete.

After you have copied the APK to the device, go to it and proceed with the installation.

 adobe flash player for android

Using Flash Player

In order to use the flash player for"Android" and view the flash content of mobile websites, you will need a web browser that supports Flash. Google Chrome for Android does not support this technology, so it is advisable to choose an alternative in the form of Mozilla Firefox or Dolphin Browser - they are compatible with Flash. To use the flash player for "Android" with Firefox, no further action is required - it will just work after installation. In the Dolphin Browser, the flash plug-in must first be enabled in the settings. This is found in the Settings menu> "Page Content Settings"> "Flash Player".

That's all, now you can use flash content on your smartphone or tablet running on Android!

For version 4.4

The latest version of Android does not have its ownsupport Adobe Flash Player, so you can observe some compatibility problems with a number of websites. For some users it does not really matter, but one of the notable things about Android is the availability of a choice of functions.

Most users found an easy waybypass this drawback "Android" 4.4. Before you begin, look if you have a previous version of the flash player installed on your device. You must remove it, and then you can go ahead and follow the instructions below.

First, download the Dolphin browser. Second, download the Dolphin Jetpack.

Then you should download the "hacked" version of Flash Player. Before you decide to do this, connect on your device the ability to install APK files from unknown sources.

After you have done all of the above, you can just go into the browser settings in Dolphin and turn on the Flash Player.

That's all! Now whenever you use the Dolphin browser, you can access websites that display flash content. Other browsers can also support this technology, but the above method is the most suitable for "Android" 4.4. As you can see, everything is solved very simply and completely for free, which can not but rejoice.

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