Survival strategy: how to play Unturned?

Everyone remembers how "Maynkraft" came to the gamearena - no one expected that a minimalistic game without a specific goal set before the player, can win at least some popularity. But gamers, who are tired of the fact that their constantly developing developers lead from the checkpoint to the checkpoint, it turned out to be just this - freedom of action, an abundance of opportunities and a huge world for research. The genre of zombies, which, of course, was also popular earlier, also came to the scene in the same vein, but in recent years it reached the very peak - many films, serials, books and computer games appeared. But what happens if you mix Mayncraft and the zombie apocalypse? Get Unturned, a minimalistic game in which you also need to survive in the open world, only this time it is filled with hungry zombies. If you are just starting to play, you may face serious problems, so you first need to teach how to play Unturned.


how to play unturned

This guide will not tell you about that,what the game has items, what are the opponents, how do you travel the world and so on. This you will learn everything yourself in the game. When questioned about how to play Unturned, there are some tips that can ease your life in the early stages of the game. After all, you appear in a random place in the world, full of aggressive zombies, you have no clothes, no weapons, and then you can attack crowds of living dead. What should I do in such a situation? First of all, you should pay attention to the button "Suicide" in the main menu, which, of course, surprised you. Who wants to commit suicide? In fact, this is a very useful button for beginners - experienced players can already know where to go, what to collect, how to save. A beginner gamer is an easy prey for zombies. Therefore, if you appear in some desolate place, around the soul and only zombies flit on the horizon - there is no point in experiencing fate. Kill yourself until you are near the city - then you can immediately stock up on supplies and begin to settle in this cruel world. Over time, you can navigate the terrain and survive even if you spawn far from the city, but for this you first need to learn how to play in Unturned.


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If you want to learn how to play Unturned, thenyou should understand one simple truth - hunger can become more dangerous enemy than any zombie or marauder. If you do not eat, then very quickly die a painful death. Therefore, the first thing you need to take care of is supplies. You can find them easily - at least start with the berries that grow in forests and fields, and then you can move on to a more impressive prey. Another reason why you need to spawn next to the city are restaurants and abandoned houses. There you can always find a decent supply of food, so that you can stock up for a long time. Of course, you can use cheats in Unturned, but always remember that this is a multiplayer game, which means that the administration is very closely following these things. And if you put yourself above other players, you will be banned.


unturned map

Another key to your survival is the backpack. Without it, you have to be very, very false, because your character can only wear four items. The sooner you find the backpack, the more you can collect food there, as well as weapons.


If you have food, a backpack, a Unturned card, thenthe only thing you lack for happiness is a weapon that you will fight with zombies and fight off aggressive people who dream of getting your prey. Choose a weapon with the mind, try several types before settling on one thing that best suits you - and then no zombie can stop you on the path to survival.

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