Why the mouse is turned off

Surely many computer owners are knownsuch a situation: you sit, work quietly, read or play your favorite game, when suddenly, at the most inopportune moment, the mouse turns off. Of course, such a problem causes considerable inconvenience, since working on a computer with a single keyboard is possible, but very difficult. Not to mention the game - if the USB mouse is turned off at its height, the consequences will almost certainly be sad: defeat, inability to save, loss of all achieved results. Especially large damage is caused by using entertaining programs that require quick action.

Mouse is turned off
So why the mouse is turned off and what to do,if she does not want to work? Depending on the type of device, the reasons can be different. As a rule, three types of this device are distinguished: a usual USB mouse, a game X7 and a wireless one.

With the first, everything is relatively simple. As a rule, the reasons for its malfunction are not very prominent. This is a mechanical damage to the port in the computer or laptop, the mouse itself or the wire, a software or operating system malfunction, the presence of a virus on the PC that prevents its operation.

If a mouse of this type is disabled while the computer is being used, the user can take the following actions:

1. Try to connect the device to another connector. If after that the work is normalized, then the case is in the port used earlier.

mouse X7 is turned off
2. Check the integrity of the mouse wire and its connector. The first can be repaired by removing the spoiled part and soldering its whole parts. If the connector is damaged directly, you can try to remove it by attaching a working element from another USB-device using a soldering iron.

3. Reinstall the operating system.

4. Scan the computer for viruses.

If none of the above actions yielded results, then the mouse itself is corrupted. In this case, it is recommended to take it to the service or buy a new one.

The mouse X7 turns off, perhaps more often than allrest. Recall that this device is a game (created specifically for the passage of games). Unfortunately, this fact is the cause of frequent breakdowns.

USB mouse turns off
One of the main reasons for the failure of thisdevices are violations in the controller. Unfortunately, the majority of customers when buying a computer seldom pay attention to it - carefully studied such data as power, the amount of RAM or hard drive.

A distinctive feature of the mouse X7 from the usualis the amount of current consumed by it. And if the standard device is able to work only with a current strength not exceeding 500 mA, the gaming device will not function properly if this value is significantly lower. That's why the mouse is disabled on the computer with the faulty controller - it does not have enough power.

In addition, X7 has problems with the drivers.

Well, in the case of a wireless mouse, everything is mucheasier. The reasons for its malfunction are few and all are obvious. So, if the mouse with a wireless connection is permanently disconnected, there are three reasons: either the device itself is defective, or the batteries are full, or all the necessary drivers are not installed on the computer.

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