How to learn ID Vkontakte

How to learn id Vkontakte? Sooner or later a user of this social network may have such a question. Every person registered with VKontakte has its own number or ID (identification number) that the user receives, or rather his page, at the time of registration. ID is designed to make this page easier to find.

How do you know your id Vkontakte? It's very easy to do this. To do this, open your page and in the left column of options: My page, My photos, My Friends and so on, find the item My settings. Once opened, move down to the "Page Address" section. The bolded numerical value at the end of the address is the identification number. Moreover, the personal number is viewed in the address bar of the browser when you open your own page, for example,

Sometimes it becomes necessary to definethe unique number of another Vkontakte user to see the hidden pages, as a rule, these are albums with photos that are only visible to friends. In this case, you need to open the page of this user and see the ID in the browser line.

Not so long ago, it was possible to replace yourindividual number for the alphabetic form (nickname, name, surname), which is not the id of the page and does not work where the identifier is needed. What to do if the personal number has a non-numeric, and an alphabetic designation, for example,, and how do you know the Vkontakte id in this case? Here you can act in several ways.

Having opened the page of the right user, go to the "Friends" section and open it. We get the ID in the address bar.

Instead of the "Friends" section, you can click on the photos, if they are not hidden, as well as on audio recordings, video recordings or notes - in all cases, the browser string will reveal the coveted numbers.

How else can you find out the id Vkontakte atits literal replacement? It is necessary to open the desired page, move the cursor to the main photo and right-click. Next from the drop-down list select the item depending on the browser you are using:

Google Chrome - "Open image in a new tab"

Opera - "Image Properties"

Mozilla Firefox - Image information

Internet Explorer - "Properties"

After clicking these options in all these cases, the same address of the photo will be displayed, where you can see the desired number.

There is still a simple option, how to learn id Vkontakte. Login to the page of the right person, and open its source code. To do this, you need to right-click and select "Check item" or "Source code" from the drop-down list. You can find out the source by pressing Ctrl + U on the open page. Then press Ctrl + E and get a line in which there will be an expression value = "123456", where the numeric value is the id number.

Sometimes the question arises, how to learn id Vkontakte,if in the browser, instead of the number, an alphabetic set is defined, and the user has restricted access to the page. In this case, you need to act as described earlier, by right-clicking on the avatar, and selecting the image properties in the menu that appears depending on the browser you are using.

How to learn id Vkontakte, if instead of numbers -letters, and restrictions on access to the page? We proceed as follows. We go to the user on the page and find the message button under the avatar. We move the cursor to this button, click on the right mouse button, in the opened list we search for the item "Copy address". The last digits in this link are just an individual number. It remains only to add a link to the address bar of your browser. You can press the send button of the message, then in the browser line you can see the desired numbers.

As you can see from the above, despite the innovations on the site, you can always find an option how to find out another user's Vkontakte id and get an opportunity to browse the pages hidden by him.

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