Good wireless mouse: how to choose, connect and configure

Беспроводные технологии плотно входят в разные segments of modern technology. Virtually in all areas where cancellation of wires can be justified, the developers offer models in which radio sensors or data transmission modules are implemented via the Internet. This does not mean that new models completely replace traditional solutions, but their undeniable advantages are highly appreciated by users. This is confirmed by a high-quality Wireless mouse with an ergonomic design and stable operation of the radio module. Conversely, just the unsuccessful developments in this area still do not allow wireless models to completely displace computer mice working through a conventional connection.

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Features of wireless mice

Externally, such models are practically no different fromwire analogues. The same case, the same buttons and sizes - unless the cable allows you to recognize a more modern modification. As well as the mass of the device, which increases in the case of wireless mouse, requiring battery power. By the way, a good wireless mouse can easily manage one finger type food item. The main technological difference lies in the way of data transmission about the positioning of the mouse.

If in traditional models signal transmissionis carried out through USB interfaces and almost out of use PS / 2, the wireless principle of operation is based on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies. The most popular is the first option, since Wi-Fi modules with all the advantages can not yet be used autonomously and depend on the local Internet connection. As for Bluetooth, the wireless mouse assembly of this type often includes a USB module for data transmission via the radio channel.

Sven LX-630 Reviews

Quite simple, but at the same time technologicallyA well-developed model whose users note ergonomics, functionality and reliability. According to many owners, this option is best for a laptop, since the very concept of the device is focused on optimization and design, and management - partly for this reason the model and it seems simple against the background of competitors. Of the advantages also noted sufficient sensitivity with a resolution of 2000 dpi, the presence of a mode switch button and a compact radio receiver is another plus for those who plan to supplement this modification with a laptop. This is a pretty good wireless mouse and in terms of energy savings. A balanced filling allows you to forget about replacing the batteries for half a year. If we talk about the shortcomings, the reviews often mention an easily polluted case and an unusual flattened shape of the body, which requires addiction.

Reviews of the Marathon M705 from Logitech

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This company is famous for its successful computermice and a segment of wireless models did not disappoint her fans. In this category, Logitech developers have several options that are highly appreciated by users, but the Marathon M705 version still benefits from the combination of parameters. It is the closest to the classical design in terms of comfort and configuration of the buttons. In general, practice shows that the creators of wireless models pay more attention to optimizing the way data is transmitted, but forget about the physical connection between the arm and the body. According to users, just this lack and is deprived mouse Logitech in the modification M705. It has a balance in terms of structural ergonomics, and in relation to the organization of the wireless communication module. Nevertheless, it was not without drawbacks. Many point out that in free mode the scroll can wind up the pages in the opposite direction. Such a flaw is characteristic of budgetary models, to which the mouse can not be assigned.

Reviews about the model Sculpt Ergonomic from Microsoft

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According to many experts, Microsoftsuccessfully manifested itself not only in the development of operating systems, but also in the creation of good peripheral equipment for computers. In this case, the attention deserves the mouse Sculpt Ergonomic, which was also developed with emphasis on achieving high physical ergonomics. The feedback notes that the design of the device minimizes the load on the wrist, making the operation comfortable and safe. This is a good solution for office workers who have to spend many hours at the computer. This direction of application is indicated by a small sensitivity of 1000 dpi. Also noted are the drawbacks that this wireless mouse can grieve. Reviews, for example, indicate the marquee of the cover of the case and the noisy operation of the buttons - one of the most unpleasant operational disadvantages of computer mice.

How to make the right choice?

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When the final decision is made in favor ofwireless model and determined the approximate type of housing, you should pay attention to the implementation of the sensor and its resolution. It is these characteristics that determine the immediate working properties of the manipulator. Usually the choice is between models with laser and optical sensors. Determine which wireless mouse is better will help you get to know the merits of both options. Laser sensors benefit from accuracy of positioning and versatility in working with different surfaces. Actually, optical models do not have advantages over laser counterparts in terms of functional qualities, but are much cheaper. This is especially important, given that the ability of the laser to fix the location of the mouse is not always necessary. As for the resolution, this value is on average 1000-2000 dpi and can be adjusted by the user. It affects the speed and sensitivity of the mouse. The higher the resolution, the more opportunities for the owner to adjust the manipulator's behavior to its own style of work.

What additional functions should be taken into account?

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В первую очередь дополнительные функции и the capabilities of computer mice are realized through the added buttons. More often than not, these are tools that allow you to fine-tune the individual operating parameters of the manipulator. For example, additional buttons help to select the same sensor resolution in a certain range, change the mode of action of the scroll wheel, etc. Also, many manufacturers are experimenting with new technologies for data transmission. For example, the Logitech mouse in the MX Anywhere 2 version with the help of the company's Easy-Switch system gives the owner the opportunity to organize communication simultaneously with several devices. Switching between conjugated components is also realized with the help of a special button. Such an option may seem difficult, but for gamers or sophisticated PC users, it makes the workflow much easier.

How much does a wireless mouse cost?

The transition to new technologies is almost alwayshelps to increase the price of the final product. This happened with a computer mouse, which lost the wire. You can buy such a model in the most affordable version for about 500 rubles. Perhaps, there are also devices cheaper, but their quality is highly doubtful. In the middle of the same segment, models with price tags of 1-1.5 thousand rubles are presented. This group, in particular, belongs to the above model Sven LX-630. You can say that this is an inexpensive and good wireless mouse, but there are also more attractive options. Modifications, the cost of which exceeds 2 thousand, differ not only more technologically advanced way of connection, but also with materials, original design and durability.

Connecting a wireless mouse

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By the time of connection,that the manipulator itself is equipped with batteries and ready to work. Then you can proceed to the direct connection. If a radio module is used, it must be inserted into the corresponding connector - usually USB. Then the process of automatic search of drivers will begin. This step may take several minutes, after which the device will be ready for use. After that, the question of how to set up a wireless mouse connected to the computer is decided. But before that you need to make sure that the established communication works stably and does not interfere with the connected equipment. This should be remembered, if, for example, one Bluetooth module serves several devices at the same time.

How to set up a wireless mouse?

Perform the adjustment through the panelin the section on devices and equipment. A special window with subsections refers to the connected mouse. Here you should specify the cursor speed settings, the number of scrolling rows in one click, and so on. There may also be a question about how to configure the wireless software in the part of connecting via Bluetooth. Actually, we are talking about cases where the manipulator can be connected via the built-in module and a USB sensor by choice. Direct switching between modes is carried out in the same control panel, but you should not refer to the mouse settings, but to the Bluetooth wireless operation section.


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Quality equipment is often determinednot by the principle of work, but by execution. A wire mouse can be much more convenient than a wireless device, despite all the advantages of a radio module. Moreover, even a good wireless mouse for some aspects of the application loses to classic models. And it's not just a weighted design and the need to replace the batteries. Unfortunately, even advanced means of organizing wireless communication can not guarantee an equally reliable level of communication, as in the case of connecting through traditional interfaces. Nevertheless, progress does not stand still and the developers annually offer more and more perfect ways of solving such problems.

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