"Black Bulldog" - a tank-gift from "Wargaming"

In the game World of Tanks often appear tanks,which help players farm. This is a premium technique, which is very popular. Thanks to it you can play and earn silver and not be afraid that money is about to run out and not even enough for cartridges. Most often, players prefer to buy for real money premium level 8 tanks.

This is due primarily to the fact that this levelthe most comfortable for the game. Also, level 8 tanks earn much more, although among them there are those that do not show a reshuffle. When choosing, you should carefully study all the indicators. And of course, you should choose a tank for your style of play.

black bulldog tank

Tournament gift

"Black Bulldog" - a tank that was given to allplayers before the World Cup in Warsaw in April 2016. Exclusive M 41 90 GF company-developer released in honor of the Grand Final. For two weeks, this light tank was bought by hundreds of gamers. He really liked many inveterate players, especially those who love this class of equipment.


Many know the famous American "firefly"7th level - M41A1 Walker Bulldog. This tank is quite popular. This is due not only to the fact that there are lovers of the US branch in the game. Also, some people are very attracted by the eighth level - T49, which is famous for its high-explosive cannon.

In turn, the "Black Bulldog" - a tank, which became almost an absolute copy of the American. But this is only externally. Technical specifications are few, but vary.

German copy

Unlike the M41A1 Walker Bulldog, M 41 90 GFis not only a higher level, but also located in another branch of research, although it does not need to pump it, since it is a German premium tank. It became a modernized version of LTshki 7-th level.

Outwardly one can observe changes in the gun, which changed the caliber from 76 mm to 90 mm, and at the same time it became shorter by 425 mm.


To finally understand what is "Blackbulldog ", the tank, the characteristics of which we now consider, you need to compare with the American LT. In order to be honest, you need to take the Walker Bulldog top-pumping.

So, despite the fact that outwardly these tanks are verysimilar, their weight is different: the German - 1100 HP, and the American LT - as many as 1,548 HP. The mass, range and range of communication are identical: 26 tons, 400 and 745 meters, respectively.

m 41 90 gf review

The composition of the crew is also the same.Inside both tanks sit one commander (radio operator), a gunner, driver-mechanic and loader. The mobility of machines is also almost identical. The American tank is slightly more powerful - by 50 hp.

Since the "Black Bulldog" is a tank that externallyis a complete copy of the American LT, the booking of the hull has the same as the "American Bulldog." They have 25 mm in the forehead, 25 mm in the board, and 19 mm in the stern. Also the same booking tower: in the forehead, the board and the stern of 25 mm.


The main differences, as already mentioned earlier, ingun. The German tank has 90 mm caliber, the American - 76 mm. In the ammunition the Germans have 46 rounds, but the American "bulldog" has as many as 65. Damage from the prem-tank 240/240/320 HP with a penetration of 182/250/102 mm. At the same time in a minute the machine can potentially give almost 2200 damage.

The American tank has slightly lower indicators.Of course, this is connected with the level of technology, and of course, with the fact that this is not a prem-tank. Walker Bulldog has a 150/150/185 HP with a penetration of 175/210/38 mm. For a minute, potentially shooting at almost 2100 damage.


Speaking of the game on the M 41 90 GF, the review should be donenot only on TTX, but also on the gameplay of this machine. In battle, one should rely on the advantages of the tank: on its excellent dynamics, quick information of the gun, good damage per minute, and also a fairly comfortable break through the gold. Of the shortcomings of the German "bulldog" there is an average accuracy, a small ammunition, as for LTshki, also expensive gold shells and large dimensions of the hull itself.

Black Bulldog Tank Specifications

Like any light tank, this one can be charged inactive light, then you need to put a sender to reduce recharging, and with the help of the stabilizer of vertical aiming to reduce the spread during the explosions, and of course, to increase the review. For passive light, you need to equip the tank in the camouflage net, install a stereo tube and improved ventilation.


Now the "Black Bulldog" M 41 90 GF can notpurchase in a premium store. It is unlikely that any actions or tasks will appear on him. Therefore, who did not have time to buy it, he will have to pump the American alternative. Although Walker Bulldog not particularly pofarmish, but the gameplay for both machines is indistinguishable.

The gift tank turned out to be very difficult forinexperienced players. It requires special tactics. It is impossible to fly from the first minutes to the middle of the map and destroy the opponents. You need to know the moment when the firefly is safe for yourself to be able to control the entire map.

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