As in "Google Chrome" remove the start page. Configuring the browser from the Google search engine

Based on statistical data, the majorityInternet users prefer to view pages in the browser from Google's search giant. And their choice is not accidental, since "Google Chrome" is the fastest web browser, and its interface is understandable to any user.

as in Google Chrome remove the start page

Despite the fact that this web browser appearedlong enough, not all users had time to understand the intricacies of its customization. For example, there are users who do not know how to remove the start page in Google Chrome, because sometimes it seems to change spontaneously. Often this happens because you downloaded the browser from an external site rather than from an official site. As a result, instead of the usual home page, the user sees annoying ads.

And if such a problem exists, then,it is necessary to help inexperienced users to solve it, therefore, after reading the proposed article, you will learn how to remove the start page in Google Chrome quickly and easily.

Delete the home page in Google Chrome

Most users as a page,which opens when you launch a web browser, usually use "Yandex" or "Google". This is very convenient, because you can immediately register in the search line the query you need and start browsing the site. However, there is a negative side - in this case, the browser will be loaded longer. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how in Google Chrome remove the start page, thereby increasing the speed of launching a web browser.

So, first of all you need to go to the menubrowser (on the right is a button with three parallel strips) and refer to the "Settings" section. Here you are interested in the "When you start to open" block. Set the checkbox next to the "New tab" option so that the next time you open the web browser, not any site is opened, but an "Express panel".

how to remove start page in google chrome

It is worth noting that before performing this operation it is recommended to install the "Visual bookmarks" extension for the browser in question.

As in "Google Chrome" remove the start page "Yandex" or change it

It has already been said that many users prefer that the page of the search engine "Yandex" should open with the launch of the web browser.

as in Google Chrome remove the start page of Yandex

If, on the contrary, you want to remove it, then you can do it by following a few simple steps:

  • Start the browser and open the menu, go to its settings (you already know how to do it).

  • Pay attention to the block "When you start to open", namely to the item "Specified pages".

  • Click on the "Add" link and in the window that appears, move the mouse pointer to the "Yandex" option. Click the cross that appears to the right.

Here you can add any otherWeb page, by writing an address in the corresponding field, or deleting it. Do not overdo it, because if you load several pages at once, this will affect the launch speed of the browser.

So, now you know how to remove the start page in Google Chrome or change it.

How to get rid of the start page of

If you downloaded Google Chrome from a third-partyresource, then when you start the browser, you can open a page with annoying ads or search engine "". How to solve this problem? After all, as a rule, the standard way to change the start page does not help (although you can try). In fact, there is a way out of the situation. You will need to dig into the properties of the Google Chrome browser's shortcut and make some adjustments.

as in Google Chrome remove the start page

So, as in "Google Chrome" remove the start page"search engine" Everything is very simple. Click on the PCM on the shortcut browser and in the drop-down menu go to the "Properties". Open the "Shortcut" tab and pay attention to what is written in the "Object" column. The correct link should end like this: Applicationchrome.exe. "If after quotation marks something else is written, then these words will need to be deleted, and then click" Apply ".

That's all! Now you understand how in Google Chrome you can remove the start page of or the advertisement that appears when you start the browser.


If you think about it, the start page can notto install, because it is possible to add any site to the "Bookmarks" or to the "Express Panel", and thus get to it quick access. In general, this is a personal matter for each user.

Anyway, now that you've learned how to remove the start page in Google Chrome, you can perform this procedure if you want.

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