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The Skype project started in 2003 and already in the firstday attracted the attention of tens of thousands of people around the world, becoming a sensation. More than a decade has passed, Internet communication (including in the videoconference mode) provides many services. Why did Skype win such popularity, and will the company be able to retain the palm of the championship? What will replace the legend? What are the Skype analogs for Windows? Let's try to understand.

What "hooked" Skype

The fact is that Skype not only providesthe opportunity to talk to each other and not pay for it. Voice messaging is based on the mechanism involved in popular file-sharing networks.

analogs skype for windows

Data transmission occurs in a decentralized manneras computers used as intermediate nodes that meet the required technical characteristics, which does not allow tracking or decoding of audio streams, that is, to monitor user conversations. Wishing to hide something on the Internet has always been enough. This feature helped the company stand out against the general background and attract the first customers, who later launched an avalanche-like growth in the popularity of the service. When a significant part of the audience was captured, "word of mouth" began to work, and practically everyone learned about the possibility of talking for free through the Internet via Skype. The identifier has become an integral part of the contact information of people and organizations, as before the phone number and e-mail address.

Skype and today

Similar programs skype

Much water has flowed from the moment of triumphalismthe arrival of a VoIP client. The company changed owners several times, which did not add significant advantages to it. And some of the bastions were surrendered - now the secret services of many countries openly declare that they have the means at their disposal to intercept negotiations on the network. Becoming the property of Microsoft, the company actually refused to use intermediate servers in favor of centralized ones.

Whatever it was, attractive newservices has not appeared, and now on the motley market of Internet services the company looks like a dinosaur. Its popularity goes back in time after the world-famous network of short messages exchange ICQ. The advantage of paid calls to mobile and landline phones via Skype is a Russian user (with our prices for mobile communications) not appreciated.

Skype-like programs

The range of services offered today in the field ofInternet telephony, is very wide. Actually, to call, now you do not need to download any analog Skype. You can make calls through the site, opened in a familiar browser. This is facilitated by java-clients and flash-applications. Tinkering with the connection of the microphone and headset to the computer, too, in some cases will not have to - there are services that operate on the principle of "callback". It is enough to enter two phone numbers in the international format into the form on the website and press a special key, both of them will receive incoming calls and the subscribers will be connected.

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If you focus on privacy, you canchoose a Skype analog that works on the SIP protocol, and Zfone for additional traffic encryption. The product has open source code, which allows knowledgeable users to delve into the details of his work and make sure of its safety. There are also versions for different operating systems, including MacOS, Windows and Linux.

There is an analogue Skype interesting in that it does notrequires additional registration. The Google Hangouts product allows all users of the largest Gmail email service to talk to each other in audio format or via video conferencing. It is not necessary to search for contacts - users from the address book using this program will be automatically added to the contact list.

Viber in Russian

At the moment, we can state growththe popularity of smartphones running the operating system Android and iOS. This is due to the democratic price, as well as a large selection of phones with different characteristics. Any smartphone is initially designed to receive and transmit voice stream, which means it does not need additional accessories. Given such prerequisites, it is not surprising that an application was developed that allows making free calls over the Internet using IP telephony. The most widely used analog Skype is called Viber.

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Advantages of Viber

It goes without saying that the application can bedownload for free via the AppStore or Android Market. There is no need to register for making calls! If a SIM card is already installed in the smartphone and a unique international number is assigned to it, why not use it? Now you do not need to invent a unique user name for a long time and persistently, which, on the one hand, would be recognizable, and on the other - would not look ridiculous. Also there is no need to inquire who of the acquaintances already use the services of Viber, and who has not yet. The application has access to the address book of the phone and will itself prompt which of the contacts is now online and available for conversation. Needless to say, that there is also the possibility of sending messages to which you can add photos, videos and audio. So you can save not only on calls, but also on SMS and MMS.

Not only for phones

In order to expand the circle of users, the company alsoreleased a version of Viber for Windows. In addition to the functionality identical to the mobile version, the program performs synchronization functions between the smartphone and a personal computer. If it is launched on two devices at the same time, it becomes possible to transfer the call between devices in real time. Similar functionality can not boast of other Skype analogs for Windows.

 viber for windows

Opinion of professionals

Analysts do not expect anything good from Skype afterThe way it was purchased by Microsoft. Most likely, in the near future the service will be integrated into one of the business applications of the corporation. As for Viber, the company is still in the growth stage and cares about the needs of its customers, so there is no reason to expect a deterioration in service or any restrictions in the foreseeable future.

It should also be noted that one of the centers of the company is in Belarus, therefore it can be said that developers and users speak virtually the same language.

As for the technical side of the issue,experts note the achievements in optimizing the energy consumption of devices in the "sleep mode". This advantage distinguishes Viber from other applications, and is very important for owners of mobile devices. Speaking of security, Viber encrypts its traffic, and the mechanism for its transformation is currently not available to Russian special services.

viber for windows


The market of communication services does not stand still, be itfixed, mobile communication or IP-telephony. Huge mobile phones pushed back wired home versions, then began to decrease in size, and now they have a chance to give up their positions to computer programs and services of Internet sites. Some of the producers keep their hands on the pulse and stay afloat, others in the pursuit of profit lose their audience and become outsiders. Users only have to follow the news, choose for themselves the most convenient of the services offered, evaluate their dignity and take care of their budget.

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